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 Combat Arts & Wrestling Presents: End of Discord Results

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Rey De Reyes
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PostSubject: Combat Arts & Wrestling Presents: End of Discord Results   Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:03 pm

*Combat Arts and Wrestling* Presents:
"End of Discord"

Live From: New York City, New York

At: The Hammerstein Ball Room

A video package plays chronicoling all the great moments that have been witnessed in C.A.W. The end of the package shows all the turmoil and build up for the Steve Storme Aesha match before fading to black and coming live to a huge pyro display in the Hammerstein Ball Room. The fans are red hot for the final show of C.A.W. and we see a camera shot of Scott Harris sitting front row with former CGS owner Jimmy DeMarco and Scarlett say next to him.

The announcers run down the card discussing the match ups and their memories of C.A.W. before our first match of the night is announced.

Match #1:
Master of Destruction VS Eric Logan

Before the bell can even ring M.O.D. and Eric Logan are attacked from behind by Kayla and Steve Storme both weilding numerous amounts of light tubes. They take both men out and Storme delivers the "End of Discord" on both of them before exiting the ring with Kayla leaving both men bloody and broken in the ring

No Contest

Match #2:
Alyster Black VS Kayla

This match starts off with a lot of back and forth action from both Black and Kayla, until Black manages to gain the upperhand and starts to dismantle with his strong style of wrestling. Kayla starts to build up momentum after a missed falling headbut from Black. Kayla eventualy looses the advantage and it seems as though Black is about to pick up the victory when we see kayla is on her knees and we see Black attempt to hit a Yakuza on her only to have her duck under it and deliver a low blow to him and hit a Double Arm DDT to pick up the victory.

Match #3:
Ultraviolent Championship
Street Fight
Krash VS Cesar Pineda

Krash and Cesar Pineda both come into this match red hot with both wanting to be the final Ultraviolent Champion in C.A.W. history. Alot of back and forth action between the two with each one managing to gain the advantage for a short amount of time. Krash manages to gain the advantage after using the Krash Kourse on Pineda much to the delight of the fans. Krash quickly brings in a ladder into the match only to have it baseball slided back into his face. Pineda hits the SuperMex on Krash and check from under the ring bringing out a bag of thumbtacks and a spool of barbwire. Pineda whips Krash with the spool of barbwire over and over again before raping the barbwire around his fist and delivering shot after shot to the head of Krash busting him open. As the match progresses Pineda manages to keep the advantage and brings the ladder into the ring and tosses the thumbtacks all around the ring before beginning his climb to the top of the ladder. As Pineda climbs the ladder Krash slumps his way up the other side of the ladder and as they meet at the top a fight ensues. Krash manages to gain the advantage at the top of the ladder and pushes Pineda off, forcing him back first into all of the thumbtacks. Much to the delight of the fans Krash climbs to the top of the ladder and hits the Krash and Burn on Pineda, before quickly going for the cover. At the last microsecond Pineda manages to get his arm up, and we see a close up off a bloody Krash who has a look of disbelief on his face. The match starts to wind down with Krash having Pineda locked in The Kill as Pineda squirms in pain with blood dripping down his face. Krash lets the hold go and exits the ring to bring in a steel chair and sets it up in the seated position. Pineda starts to squirm and get up as Krash stalks him before going for a LSD on a chair only to have Pineda push him in mid air sending Krash back first on the chair. Pineda runs over to Krash and picks him up and delivers a swift kick to his gut before delivering Da 187 on him into all of the thumbtacks picking up the victory.

After the match a bloody Pineda and a bloddy Krash embrace each othe with a hug before Pineda holds up the Ultraviolet Championship.

Main Event:
IQuit Match
Aesha VS Steve Storme

The fans are fairly split at first with some supporting the legendary Steve Storme and some backing his protege Aesha. They watch each other from opposite sides of the ring and when the bell sounds, Storme explodes with rage. For several minutes of the match, Steve just pounds Aesha with clubbing blows, vicious strikes and power moves, using his superior size and strength to inflict maximum damage. He begins focussing on her arms, stretching them with the ropes before locking in the Broken Wings. As the ref holds the mic to her, she tries to explain the reason for hiding Kaya; "I didn't mean for it to go on for so long! Steve, I'm sorry!"

It doesn't make a difference though, Storme keeps on attacking her roughly. Eventually the brawl makes it's way to ringside where Storme cracks a steel chair over Aesha's head and sets her up on the Spanish announce table. Storme climbs the turnbuckle and launches himself off it but Aesha rolls off and Steve goes flying through. She quickly capitalizes, connecting with several rapid kicks and a head scissors takedown. Storme stops her momentum with one of his signature light tubes though.

Back in the ring with a couple of chairs and stacks of light tubes, the former friends trade punches. Storme gets the advantage and ends up drop toe-holding Aesha face-first into a set-up steel chair. He tries to make her quit again, locking in the Broken Wings but she refuses to give in, still apologizing. Storme drops Aesha through a stack of light tubes with the End of Discord and she's down for a while but still not giving in.

As Storme pulls her up, Aesha catches him with a surprise uppercut. From here she goes on a run of momentum, using the chairs to her advantage, connecting with aerial moves. She bounces off the middle and top ropes, making impact with the bigger Storme and bringing him to the ground with a thud. She goes for the Blade Lock but Storme refuses to quit, hurling abuse at her over the mic.

She releases and drills Storme with a chair shot but he doesn't go down. He pulls the chair from her before she can hit a third but she spin-kicks it into his masked face. She tries a sharpshooter but to no avail - Storme won't give in. She tries the Walls of Jericho - doesn't work. She even tries the Broken Wings but Steve just powers out of it in rage.

A kendo stick shot to the head from Aesha knocks Storme back through a stack of light tubes, cutting his arm in a brutal fashion. The blood flows freely as he staggers to his feet but he refuses the ref's claims he should quit. He lunges for Aesha but misses and then she hits an enzuigiri. Aesha connects with a Bitch Kick. Storme stumbles. She hits another. He nearly falls, barely standing with his whole body limp. She hits a third and final and Storme goes down. Knockout. The ref tries to wake him up but he's out cold.

Aesha's music hits, she wins on a technicality as Storme is no longer able to compete. Medics try to take him away but Aesha says no, kneeling over him with concern. He begins to stir and she cradles him, her head touched her as she whispers in his ear. She hugs him tightly and while Storme's embrace is softer, it's still there. Fade out.

Note: The Main Event was written by Alex and the judges for the show were, myself, Inah, Alex, Krash, and an attempt from Kayla lol. Oh and sorry about the delay, I had a hell of a social life this week.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling Presents: End of Discord Results   Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:11 am


Aesha wuvs Stevie.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling Presents: End of Discord Results   Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:16 am

Cute ^

Good results.
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The One

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling Presents: End of Discord Results   Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:18 am

Great results, Rey. Thanks for your effort in making this a good one.

Congratulations to Eeeeenah, you join a handful of people with this victory. Be proud.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling Presents: End of Discord Results   Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:35 am

^ I am.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling Presents: End of Discord Results   

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Combat Arts & Wrestling Presents: End of Discord Results
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