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 Armando Cortez (CAW Personality)

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PostSubject: Armando Cortez (CAW Personality)   Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:15 pm

Name: Armando Cortez

Nicknames: The Microphone Veteran

Job CAW Interviewer and Regular Segment Host

Age: 32

Height: 6ft

Weight: 90kg 200lb

Hometown: Miami FL

Entrance Music: Conteo ~ Don Omar

Wrestling Style:
Usually Just Interviews
Technical when in combat
Hardcore/Dirty when in combat

G/ Spit in The Face
F/ Flying Storm - Diving Clothesline
G/ Landing Storm - Side Effect

Signature Moves:

Running Storm - Quick Spear
Falling Storm - Bulldog
Diving Storm - Dive to Outside
Stretching Storm - Abdominal Stretch
Sit-Out Storm - Sit Down Stunner
Dropping Storm - Rear Sit Out Driver
OD - Choking
2x - Snapmare into another Snapmare


Hit with Microphone - When Interview Goes Bad
Spray With Mace - When Interview Goes Bad
Low Blow - To give one Interviewee the upper hand

Picbase: Armando Estrada

Alignment: Tweener


Armando Cortez Corner -General In ring Interview Segment (Olympian)

Blooding Edge - General Hardcore In Ring Interview Segment (BloodSport)

The Weigh In - Weigh in Segment for PPV's and Re-caping matches and the Superstars involved, Backstage (Duel Branded)

The Seek Show - Interview Segment (Duel Branded) (Occasional)

Bio/Gimmick/Persona: A Wrestler cut down in his prime by an assault on a previous now defunct Federation. He has a quad injury which prevents him from wrestling therefore he interviews on his own segment. Almost always wearing a suit he is very formal, yet he takes advantage of using his injury and gets involved in combat and matches when it suits him in interviews. Other Times he acts injured although its not as bad as he makes out. He carries a can of Animal Mace with him for protection yet he only uses it when in combat or to spice things up in an interview.

Ring Entrance: Music and video starts playing. As the lights start flashing Red and Blue Armando begins walking down the ramp with his Trademark microphone in his hand and can of mace in the other. Armando gets in the ring and waves to the crowd as he puts his mace on the table or apron and then begins to talk or interview .

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PostSubject: Re: Armando Cortez (CAW Personality)   Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:15 pm

Accepted to C.A.W. as apart of our interview staff.
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Armando Cortez (CAW Personality)
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