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PostSubject: Genocide   Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:12 pm

Name: (Genocide)
Hometown:Ennis, Texas
Entrance Music: Raining Blood by Slayer

Wrestling Style:Hardcore/Brawler/Extremist
Finishers: (three max)
1. Biological Warsaultt, (Opponent Sitting In Chair hitting Asai Moonsault
2. Manhattan project( Springboard Leg Drop With Steel Chair on back of his opponent head
3. Molotov cocktail (Diving Famasser Through and Owen Steel Chair

Signature Moves: (five minimum)

1. Frankensteiner
2. Punt(To the Ribs
3. Weapon shot
4. Springboard Spin Kick
5. Drop Toe Hold Into Steel Chair
6. Flap Jack Across The Ropes
7. Suicide Dive
8. Moonsault of Top Turnbuckle To The Outside
9. Rope Flip
10. Running Kick To The Face
11. Running Off The Ring Apron Clothesline
12. Super Kick
13. Senton Bomb
14. Bulldog DDT On Steel Chair
15. DDT

Picbase:Phil Anselmo
Alignment:Neutral (Face among Hardcore Fans/Heel With The None Hardcore Fans
Bio/Gimmick/Persona: Metalhead/Wrestling Fan

Ring Entrance:

Raining Blood Intro Start's as music is play a song starts cause he come out headbanging, Devil Horn In The Air as he coming down the ring pumping up the crowd as he sliding in to the ring in under the bottom rope as he leaning in the corner.

In Ring Attire

Baggy Jeans, Black Leather Fingerless Gloves and black Steel Toe Biker Boots
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Rey De Reyes
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PostSubject: Re: Genocide   Sat Feb 05, 2011 1:00 pm

Accepted into the Bloodsport Division.
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