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 Next Generation Wrestling

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PostSubject: Next Generation Wrestling   Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:47 pm


Next Generation Wrestling is a promo based E-Fed in which the General Manager decides if you or your opponents Roleplay is better. Hence making you the winner. Championship belts will be on the line regularly to keep everyone in with a hunt. We are not your ordinary Promo based E-Fed though. We don't have the typical same boring Raw and Smackdown shows, no. Here in Next Generation Wrestling we only have one show and that show goes by the name of Monday Night Evolution.

Monday Nights will never be the same and what separates this Show from the rest you ask? Pure wrestling talent. We don't have the million dollar gimmicks but we do have the best wrestling in the world!

One of our main goals here in Next Generation Wrestling is no matter how much Roleplay ability you have, everybody gets to try. See having fun is what it is all about. If you don't enjoy something, why do it at all? The more people that have fun on this E-Fed, the more we will succeed.

Being on an E-Fed roster you do need some qualities. You need to be passionate and original but also love what you do. Here in NGW we accept real wrestlers such as wrestlers from WWE, TNA, UFC, ROH and any other organization. Yet we also accept CAW's, your created superstars. Having a mix of both brings originality to the Fed.

The Storylines and Results here in Next Generation Wrestling will only impress. Our General Managers here put in huge amounts of time to make sure that you on the roster, have the best possible results.

Please, once you have read the rules, make a contract and begin your career in a brand new rising E-Fed: Next Generation Wrestling!
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Next Generation Wrestling
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