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 Chris Williams on Cam

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PostSubject: Chris Williams on Cam   Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:04 am

Chris Williams is seen smoking a cigar with the Ultraviolent Championship slung over his left shoulder. He smiles he continues to smoke. He's in his apartment filming himself with a webcam. He blows smoke all over the championship and then he puts his elbows on the desk and leans towards the camera.

Chris Williams
This just feels right. I should've had this title weeks ago. If anyone backstage is able to get their heads out of their asshole, then they would recognize as well. I doubt that would happen without some expensive surgery. That's for damn sure.

Chris Williams click a few things and pulls up something on his laptop.

Chris Williams
I did receive this e-mail from this bitch after the show. And I quote the whore completely and exactly. Scarlett says and I quote, "Dear Chris ' Ice Cold Williams, you must bring the title back with you to the next show. At the contract signing you shall hand it back to Sonichu. Then we shall sign the contracts to make your match official. Sincerely, 'Dumb Ho' Scarlett."

Chris Williams sits back and takes another drag of his cigar and continues to blow the smoke out all over the title.

Chris Williams
Listen bitch. I don't give a shit what the fuck you own. Hell this could be an e-mail from Michelle Obama. A bitch is a bitch, you should get your ass back in the fucking kitchen, and leave the fighting to the men and the whatever the fuck Sonichu is. The fact that you hired Sonichu makes you dangerously close to retarded. I have no god damn respect for you or anyone backstage. I don't give a shit. Try and fire me! It'll just make your show, worse than WCW before it went off air.

Chris Williams takes another pull from his cigar.

Chris Williams
So Sonichu, I don't see the point of giving you title back since you'd just be holding it till I strip it from you. Anyway I'll see your bitch ass in the ring, on Saturday, so we can sign these contracts. Peace out bitch.
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Chris Williams on Cam
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