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 Man Robs 7-Eleven with Snow Brush

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PostSubject: Man Robs 7-Eleven with Snow Brush   Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:57 pm

Quote :
A man is wanted for his brush with the law after an armed robbery at a 7-Eleven in the city's southeast.

A masked man wielding a snow brush held up the store Tuesday, police said.

The clerk complied with the demands and placed the cash draw on the counter.

After grabbing an undisclosed amount of cash, the suspect fled.

Police Insp. Paul Stacey said the choice of weapon suggests the robbery might have been a spur-of-the-moment decision.

"It doesn't look like it was planned out," he said.

Although Stacey has seen everything from bits of wood to tire irons -- or anything criminals can get their hands on -- used as weapons, the snow brush "probably tops" the list of unusual items used to intimidate or threaten someone during a crime.

Despite it being a non-conventional weapon, Stacy said given the threat was real, the culprit once caught could face weapons-related charges.

Police are looking for an Arabic man, between 25 and 35 years old.

He is about 5-foot-11, 220 lbs. and was wearing a white t-shirt over his head, blue and white striped golf shirt, grey sweat pants and runners.

Police are trying to identify a suspect in a surveillance photo in a bid to catch the culprit behind this crime.
Seriously, if the dude came in with a snow brush at me, I would probably try and fight him. The 7-Eleven itself has to have more dangerous weapons lying around somewhere.


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Man Robs 7-Eleven with Snow Brush
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