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 Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5

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PostSubject: Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5   Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:33 am

The scene opens to a small but well-furnished office. A smiling Scarlett is sat behind the desk.

Scarlett: This week, I'm treating you all with one hell of a main event... but more on that later.

Kicking off the show, I'm giving Horatio Gates and Shelton McNeil to prove they're worth keeping on the payroll when they open the show in a singles bout. Then newcomer Chris Hansen - a controversial signing if ever there was one - takes on Manu Soldier in a match defined by morals. Weird for a wrestling show, right?

Seeing as Aesha wanted to be a little control freak bitch, she's now wrestling. HA. I've given Kayla a chance to get her claws into Aesha - they both have some bullshit issues over Steve Storme. Nobody cares about the details, but their match should be entertaining.

Then the main event; Bloodsport vs Olympian. The Tag Team Champions N.M.E. team with the Utraviolent Champion Sonichu and the number one contender Chris Williams against the Pure Champion Jacoby Jackson, the number one contender Psycho Dragon, impressive newcomer Adam Fox and the wily veteran Eric Logan.

It's sure to be a spectacle.

Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5 from the Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut

Singles Match
Horatio Gates vs Shelton McNeil

Singles Match
Chris Hansen vs Manu Soldier

Singles Match
Aesha vs Kayla

MAIN EVENT - Eight-Man Tag Team Match
Chris Williams, N.M.E. (Alyster Black & Steve Storme) & Sonichu vs Adam Fox, Eric Logan, Jacoby Jackson & Psycho Dragon


PM me if you want a match. Post your one RP in this thread, it is not for discussion or trash talking. The deadline is this Saturday at 9 PM UK time.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5   Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:12 am

Alyster Black Presents: Ch. VI


italics = Alyster's thoughts
bold = actions/descriptions
red = Alyster's dialog

Credit for Chris Williams rap goes to SOLdier

The scene opens in the Bloodshed locker room where Alyster Black is hanging out and smoking a cigarette. Alyster is sitting on a steel chair that’s places towards the right corner of the room facing the doorway. Alyster is wearing a black hoddie that’s zipped all the way up with the hood covering his head and the top half of his face, a pair of black tracksuit pants, black Air Jordan’s and his usual mask which is mostly coloured black and of which the bottom half has been rolled up to just above his mouth so that he can smoke. The door to the locker room bursts open and in comes Chris “Ice Cold” Williams. Chris is wearing one of his usual jerseys and blue jeans. Chris is also smoking a cigar. Alyster gets up from his seat to greet Chris.

Alyster: Yo Cold.

Chris: Sup G? What do you want?

Alyster: I just wanted to meet you, chat with you, and get to know you a bit before our big tag match. Is that cool homeboy?

Chris: Whatever.

Alyster: All right...so Chris tell me a bit about yourself.

Chris: I could kick your ass in the ring, on the street, knock you the fuck out and bang your mother before you woke up.

Alyster: I think you might be useful in our tag match.

Ice Cold takes a puff from his cigar and blows smoke in Alyster’s face.

Chris: Funny cause I don’t need any of you to win it. I can do this on my own. It’s an insult to my talent to even be teamed with you, especially that freak in the furry suit.

Black takes a long drag from his cigarette and then proceeds to blow smoke into Ice Cold’s face for several seconds.

Alyster: Better think twice before you say shit like that to someone who you should have watching your back this week.

Chris: Yeah right, I’m better than you at everything.

Alyster: Better than me at everything? Shit. You think you’re the best, it’s about time you met the rest. I’m Alyster Black. I feel pain as if I’m on crack. Fuck bitches up with my hands of steel. My simplest submissions can make em squeal. In the ring I cause frustration with my domination. The only thing you’re better than me at is masturbation. Rap is crap and doesn’t land you girls in the sac. When I hear your rhymes it makes me want to dies.

Ice Cold shakes his head in disbelief and mercifully ends Alyster’s short rap by throwing a hand in his face. He then proceeds to lay down a cold beatdown using his words.

Chris: Alyster shut your mouth before you hurt yourself.
Take those tired ass rhymes and keep em on the shelf.
Even Vanilla Ice is hangen his head in shame.
What the fuck makes you think you can succeed in this game.
You may have hands of steel, but your brain is rusted.
Come to my streets talken that shit, I'll have your ass dusted.
By the end of this shit I'll leave your head busted.
I'll say it again, keep your mouth shut.
And tell your slut moms, I said keep her legs shut.
You're lucky on Saturday I'm on your team.
Or else I'd be destroyin your self esteem.
Not even Steve Storme would be here to save you.
But here listen to this last piece of advice you can say, I gave you.
Quit the raps, maybe stick to something like a haiku?

Alyster staggers backwards and almost trips over and falls. He manages to gain his composure then steps into Ice Cold’s face with his fists raised. After a few seconds he drops them to his side and extends his right hand.

Alyster: That was brutal.

Chris grabs Alyster’s hand and shakes it. Alyster then lets go and makes his way to the door. Chris doesn’t let him out of his sight the entire time. Alyster opens the door and sticks one leg out of it then turns his head to face Chris.

Alyster: Bring your A game on Saturday. And thanks for the motivation.

The scene ends with Alyster leaving the room and Chris just looking at the door with a look of confusion.


The scene opens in the interview area, same as always. Alyster is wearing the same clothes as his did when he spoke to Chris earlier.

Alyster: Today I got dissed and served by a Cold mother fucker. Its left me pissed and burned, figuratively speaking. So tonight at 1.5, the Olympian team of Adam Fox, Eric Logan, Jacoby Jackson and my masked amigo Psycho Dragon are going to be on the receiving end of an ass kicking fuelled by the humiliation and frustration that can only come from being insulted in rhyme by a man who’s skin colour is the same as my last name. I’d just like to say a few words about my opponents before I commit the awesome crime of assault and battery in the ring. Adam Fox................................................do something! Eric Logan, I’ve kicked your ass twice in CAW already and a few other times in CGS, and unlike you I am capable of maintaining a tag team. I hope you’re high when you wrestle tonight cause otherwise this is going to be a painful outing for you. Jacoby Jackson, congratulations on your title win. And sorry about the masked psycho that is going to tear your head off when given the chance. And FYI that masked psycho ain’t me. Psycho Dragon...sorry that you have to lose again tonight and sorry that you have to team with a bunch of losers. I find it a little unfair that you have to face my team which is made up of two awesome talented monsters, a black man and the embodiment of childhood nightmares...which isn’t a good or intimidating thing. It’s just annoying.

Alyster pauses for a second to think of something to say, he ducks his head then looks off to the right.

Alyster: Now a few words about my team. Today Chris Williams beat me in an impromptu rap off. It hurt. Sonichu is a piece of monkey crab wrapped in a suit made of pubic hair. And Steve...I have not spoken to Steve since last week’s show. I think he’s mad at me. So I’m fairly sure he’s going to kill someone tonight, and whether it’s me or one of you is a matter of chance and circumstance. My money is on one of you getting mauled and pinned though. And that is all the time I have for tonight. I’m going to leave you all with this image and these words.

Alyster proceeds to flip off the camera.

Alyster: Fuck you Olympian division...fuck you.

End RP
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5   Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5   Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:51 pm

OOC: I didn't have much time to do a real good RP.

Get The Fuck Over It

^ Link to RP ^
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5   Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:52 am

Sonichu In CAW Issue 2: Rage Against The (Troll) Machine

Tonight was a miserable night for our heroic Electric Hedgehog Pokemon. He was sat in front of the CAW computer, since no one else wanted to navigate through the slanderous ED and CWCki, and so, decided to check out the CAW fan forum. His father, Christian Weston Chandler, was in jail after a man in white took over CWCville and led it to anarchy. If you asked Sonichu, he felt wearing white and a bowler hat made you a homo, especially if you worked for trolls.

He read that this member, named 'Scrooge', had posted 'Thoughts on those damn dirty trolls' on several 'Ask Me' threads. Sonichu grinned, this man was definitely worth trusting! If he could help his Father hook up with a sweetheart, it'd be even better! So Sonichu got cracking, and read through them. He... was not impressed.

As in, he smashed the keyboard with his gloved fists.

"Those... damn trolls are on the CAW forum! I must put a stop to their thinking, and save them from the pickle-wearing niggos!"

So, Sonichu began to write... the Rage Against The (Troll) Machine.

Sonichu's replies are in this color
Is a 'troll's' response

Kayla's Thoughts: They're, well... dirty. ;P

Sonichu's Reply: Dear Kayla,

They're not just dirty. They're the lowlifes of teh internet, I KNOW when they Punish my FATHER that they're just jealous of Him and His success, creating the great utopia that is CWCville. If you come to CWCville, you can become a great sweetheart to Father, who's fighting very hard against this Alex troll, who I think is a homo. That Steve Storme is nothing, my father built a kingdom, he teams with niggos and wears a mask. So come to CWCville, Kayla, and you'll be very happy with my Father, the great Christian Weston Chandler. Be the mother to his perfect daughter, Crystal.

So come, we'll clean those slanderous trolls up and make CWCville a better place!


Manu's Thoughts: What is Damn Dirty Trolls?

Sonichu's Reply: Dear Manu

Well, I wouldn't expect you to know what a dirty troll is. They are the lowlifes who terrorize me and my Father, the true and honest Christian Weston Chandler, lead by that b-dog Mary Lee Walsh and that goddamn Clyde Cash, who I know just wants my father like the damn homo he is. Also, I notice you like gangsta rap... that poop is so 90's, dawg! And niggos... who will take things from your backpocket as you listen to their dang dirty music! You must be know Alex, Clyde, Reggie and all those damn trolls if you listen to that music!

Sonichu, niggo music will make you stoopid, stay on school!

Inah's Thoughts: Alex was just amazing. It was funny, as always, just hope it was a little longer though.

Sonichu's Reply: Dear Inah, you damn troll sympathizer

Do you seriously think you can get away with that? Supporting the trolls? Do you realize what strife CWCville, a city full of great men and Sonichus, is in, all because of who you support? You support a man who dresses in white, dances around like a girl and wears makeup! He doesn't look scary, he looks like a homo, and I think he is! He has no sweethearts, no love, he only cares for violence, and I need to break him dead and stop him! But people like you will sell out to Alex and hurt my Father, Father is a good man, he worked to the bone to make CWCville, and you all stomp on him! You just want him to lose more and more sweethearts, and make him destroy his PS3 again!

And a little longer? You dang dirty b-dog, you make me want to strangle you! HUUUUURRRRAAAGH!

Although you'd redeem yourself if you freed Father and offered to date him three times. He'd be very happy, and his heart level will go to 100%!

Sonichu, go to hell, you bitch!

Sykesy's Thoughts: We talking a Rosie O'Donnell sorta Troll or the Awesome Troll from Fellowship of The Ring? Or the lame term for lowlifes on the net?

Sonichu's Reply: Dear Sykesy

You seem to be a wise person! You understand that those lowlifes will do nothing but harm the geniuses like my Father, Christian Weston Chandler, and the great and honorable city of CWCville! You will help me continue the fight against the trolls, won't you, my new friend?

Sonichu, Nickelback is a good band!

Zach's Thoughts: They're awesome.

Sonichu's Reply: Dear Zach

You must not understand about the trolls. They will hurt you, they will find you and they will destroy your love life, for they are jealous of your sweetheart capabilities. But you also understand that you like wrestlers with masks, I see... it proves to me that you are a homo, who wants to watch two guys touch each other anyway, urgh, disgusting!

Sonichu, death to mask-wearing niggo trolls everywhere.

X's Thoughts: Only one read RP and I can't really recall them being in their (at least not a lot). Doubtful they are as great (in terms of humour) as CWC.

Sonichu's Reply: Dear X

I see you also believe in my father. You're a true fan of Sonichu, and I hope you read the books more... they're very good once you get to read them, and I think my Father has more talent then everyone in Archie and Marvel combined!

Peace, Sonichu, I do not watch Scrubs.

Affy's Thoughts: IDKKKKKK!!!!

Sonichu's Reply: Dear Affy

If you do not care for a heartbreaking story about my kind father and those awful people, then maybe you should GROW UP!

Sonichu, peace to you, death to the trolls

Rey's Thoughts: Umm those damn dirty trolls are filthy and need to go away?

Sonichu's Reply: Dear Rey

It's a good thing my Father speaks Spanish! He'd completely understand what you're speaking, for he is Ricardo Weston Chandler, es true creator of Sonichu and Rosechu. And you, sir, are correct about those slanderous trolls. They are hurtful, they are proud and they only care about themselves, or the pickles they so devour, urgh, I hate pickles. They're filthy, like they never took a shower in years, I should think so! Thank you for agreeing with me; I guess you aren't so bad after all.

Soniçhu, peace to you, death to the trolls.

Punk's Thoughts: Bah! Blasted trolls, alwayds dirty and troll-like! They require a bath. Using hydrochloric acid if necessary.

Sonichu's Reply:

Yes! YES! I agree with you so much, and think you'd make an excellent citizen of CWCville! You know what we should do after we clean up those dang, dirty trolls? Get them in court, so Father can give the blue Electric Hedgehog zap of justice to them! Curse those trolls, and may we execute them, just like Father would want us to!

Sonichu, make an acid bath for those damn trolls!

SOL's Thoughts: Whut?

Sonichu's Reply: Dear SOL

Seeing as you like niggo music and that stupid wife-killing wiggo, then I understand why you don't understand. Maybe when you get a proper, honest education, my loyal advocate Scrooge will ask you again.

Sonichu, watch your back pocket.

After that, Sonichu got up, and looked up to the sky with tears in his eyes.

"Father, I know that you're fighting to save CWCville from the homos and the niggos, and the trolls. But before I go fight for CWCville and for you, I shall say one thing, that I hope reaches you in your darkest hour.


(sorry for lack of content, personal issues)
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5   Sat Jan 15, 2011 6:40 am

into darkness it cast us;

a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.

Here I sit writing all the tangled words that are flying freely around in my mind. Putting all my thoughts out there with the potential of the whole world finding them. But, I have to do this. Because if I don't they get locked away; trapped inside me. My own body becomes my prison. And everything is just screaming to get out. It is complete hell in there. The words.. they sting like the agony of the open wounds from which the new cell mate has opened. Who opened my wounds? The same person that opened Steve's. The same person that tried to slash the beauty out of his face. But beauty is not only external, Scarlett. Steve's face may not glisten the same way it used to whenever he stood under the bright lights in that ring, giving it his all. But his beauty will always shine, no matter how much you try to take that away. Things may have gone astray but one thing is sure.. no matter how crazy it gets, I will always be at Steve Storme's side. Always.


It's a dark black room and nothing can be seen at all. Just still, quiet, darkness. A voice begins to turn out from the darkness.

"It's not right. What happened. It will never be right. But that doesn't mean it can't be helped. Justice will be served. But right now.. we need to concentrate on the pain. The pain that some people are put through. Whether they deserve it or not. And when it happens.. the world doesn't stop turning. No one gives a second glance. No one cares. No, the show just goes on."

The voice stops and the still, quietness is back. You can hear the scratch of a match as a single flame illuminates a small area of the room. The match is brought to a candle as the candle shatters the darkness. The face shown is Kayla's. She has a single tear gliding slowly down her cheek.

"But every once and awhile someone shows up unexpectedly. Someone turns the world upside down and stops at nothing to make sure things get better. The show does go on. I can't stop that. No matter how much I want the world to see what I see.. it just won't happen. But I can damn sure try. What's to lose?"

Kayla looks down at the light as another tear rolls down her cheek.

"A candle represents the union of two lives. They become one. They share each other's pain."

Kayla begins to raise the candle up. Bringing it closer and closer to her face. The flame is now barely grazing her cheek.

"Tonight.. Storme and I become one."

Kayla continues raising the candle to her face, intent on scarring it. Masking her outside beauty to show Storme that he isn't alone. But a hand is slowly seen inching its way up to Kayla's. It grabs her wrist and gently brings the candle back down. The whisper of a "whoosh" is heard as the candle is blown out. The darkness has again returned as the scene fades.


The scene starts off with Ella DeMarco with a microphone, introducing her guest for her next interview.

"Hey everyone, tonight I will be interviewing Kayla, who recently had a match-up with a new addition to the roster. But, tonight she'll be facing none other than Aesha."

The camera pans wider to show Kayla standing patiently by in a Steve Storme t-shirt and ripped jeans.

"Welcome, Kayla. So, how do you feel about your loss last week to a newcomer?"

"How do I feel about my loss? Hah. How do you think I felt Ella?"

Kayla rolls her eyes at the woman in front of her before continuing.

"You know, I always wondered why you dated Nathan Harter. I can now come to a full conclusion."

Ella ignores the statement Kayla had just made but uses it to breeze into her next question.

"Speaking of Nathan Harter, Jacoby Jackson made some comments last week regarding the things you said about his mentor. Anything you'd like to say about that?"

"First of all, who cares what Jacoby Jackson has to say? Someone who has to beat up one of his own partners in order to win a title, instead of doing it the right way, is a pussy and really has no right to talk. But I'll go ahead and comment on it. I didn't take time to call you out personally, Jacoby, because you're not worth my time. You're not worth anyone's time. Neither is Harter but, until he realizes that he will never defeat Steve Storme.. he'll remain the center of laughter. And as for Jacoby's little "relationship" problem, that he decided to poor his little heart about.. I've heard him talking about this before. Backstage with his buddies. Talking about how some really amazing guy came and "stole his girl" away from him. Well, let me just make it clear to you Jacoby.. he can't steal something from you that was never really yours to begin with."

"Wow. Moving on.. your match tonight with Aesha. What are your thoughts going into this?"

"I'm glad that I get to face Aesha tonight. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time. She had Steve in the palm of her hand and she didn't care. She threw him out like he was nothing. But that's okay. Someone came along that appreciates and cares about him more than she ever could. But she goes around this place showing so much hatred towards him. And someone that has a problem with him.. has a problem with me. Aesha wouldn't let me in Bloodsport, where I should be and will be soon enough. What's she so afraid of? Has she finally developed some feelings for Storme and can't have him now? Does seeing us together tear her apart inside? It's okay, Aesha. You're not the only one. Maybe all you jealous ones can form a little team and TRY to split us apart."

Kayla laughs at the thought of that before continuing.


Kayla cuts off as her eye catches something in the distance, behind Ella. Kayla begins smiling as the camera turns to show Steve Storme approaching.

"Hey, you ready?"

Kayla smiles and opens her mouth to speak but instead, the voice of Ella is heard.

"Actually, I had a few more questions.."

Kayla rolls her eyes at the woman, once again.

"We're done here."

At that, Steve takes Kayla by the hand as they walk out of sight.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5   Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:06 am

Chris 'Ice Cold' Williams is standing still with a cigar in his mouth, and his arms are crossed. He's standing in front of a set used for interviews for CAW. He's has a serious look on his face as he continues to puff the cigar. He then takes it out of his mouth while continuing to stare intensely into the camera.

Chris Williams
I feel like I'm finally starting to get some respect in this company.

Chris Williams takes another long pull from the cigar and exhales towards the camera covering him in smoke.

Chris Williams
I decided I won't have anyone interviewing me this week. Because I know what they want to ask. It's the same thing every god damn time. What do you think of your upcoming match? How about your partners? Do you think you'll be able to work together.

Chris Williams smiles as he starts to smoke the cigar while talking.

Chris Williams
Bloodsport is going to wreck the shit out of the Olympian division. We are going to set them back to the stone age. We are a tougher group. We got Steve Storme and Alyster Black, teaming up with the future Champion Chris Williams. A champion that will restore the respect in this division. The division that is clearly superior when you look at the talent that it holds. But then you got the Champion, this douche Sonichu. I know it's gonna suck having to pick up the slack for that mutated, brain dead freak. Together though, we'll still slaughter the competition. Olympians are going to learn that just because they know a few more holds, or maybe because they don't like using weapons, that they are not better than Bloodsport at all. After this match, we can officially rename it the pussy division. Not a single one of them are even on my level. Let alone the entire level of the Bloodsport roster.

Chris Williams throws the cigar on the floor and stomps it into the ground. The entire area around him is kind of smoky because of the cigar. He then looks into the camera.

Chris Williams
So what else should I say about them Olympian faggots. Adam Fox? No fucking idea who he is. Eric Logan? Always thought he was a pussy, not worried about him at all. Jacoby Jacobson? Again no clue who he is. Last but certainly, probably least, not sure is Psycho Dragon. So your name is after an insane mythical creature. Are these faggots really serious? I mean my nickname being Ice Cold, I thought that was outlandish, but these dudes are just being straight up queers. Honestly I think the Olympian team would be better if it had those two bitches on the team instead of these random assortment of no name wrestling retards.

Chris Williams calms downs and tries to relax. He grabs a chair near him and sits down on it.

Chris Williams
I'm not gonna talk about the match anymore. I'm through with that. I spoke about my teammates, and what I thought of all of them. I showed my little concern for who my opponents are. That's all I really needed to comment on.

Chris Williams sits back in the chair and smiles.

Chris Williams
So I brought back my main man DJ RipZ, so we can just kick it. And y'all can enjoy watchin us do what we do best. Bullshit.

DJ RipZ and comes over and gives a pound to Chris. They sit down in director style chairs next to each other.

By the way, just wanted to thank the C.A.W. fans who logged on and downloaded my mixtape and made it the number one downloaded mixtape of the week. I promise we will have more out soon. We'll even get Chris Williams to spit a verse on my remix to Black and Yellow.

Chris Williams
So I've decided this week DJ RipZ, this promo is all your's. You got the floor. Anything you want to say about CAW. These opinions are all based on DJ RipZ, who's been a wrestling fan since he was a kid. So this is all his opinions.

That's right baby, this is my promo now. Chris Williams be here to give commentary, ask questions, and all that good shit.

Chris Williams
That's right, now what do you think of the upcoming show for CAW.

Well there are two matches I'm really looking forward to. The first being Aesha vs. Kayla. Aesha has been one of my favorite female wrestlers for a long time. She's been like the new age Bethany Storme. The fact that she is getting back in the ring is exciting for me as a wrestling fan. The other match, I have a person interest in as one of my best friends will be in an 8 man tag team match. Unlike you though Chris I know a little bit more about your competition. Eric Logan is probably pissed off that he had to carry around that tag team The Bloodhounds which basically led to nothing. Jacoby Jackson recently became the Pure champion in what I would not consider "Pure" circumstances. I mean this mean is trying to lead up a division based on technical wrestling and skill, yet he won after hitting a low blow. Says a lot about that man in my opinion, and the state of that division. Psycho Dragon is a complete mystery. It seems like sometimes he's putting in as much effort as humanly possible and other times he seems lost. My opinion is that these two will have to be at their best to beat your team. I haven't seen many of Adam Fox's matches except for where he beat Kayla. So the key for your team should be to not let Sonichu in the ring with Adam at the same time. While on the other hand your team is filled with promise. You have a Champion, albeit a weird one named Sonichu. Then you got the tag champs Steve Storme and Alyster Black. Storme is always going to be putting in his work in a match. Alyster's a bit weird but you know that them together has a team has proven to be successful. Then there is yourself Chris, and in my opinion you will be taking that belt away from Sonichu soon. They don't have a chance against your team. Does that answer your question?

Chris Williams
Yeah, I guess. And all my other questions I planned to ask you.

Oh, sorry.

Chris Williams
Don't worry about it, is there anything else you wish to say?

Not much really. I do have a question for you though. Do you think that if I threw out names, you'd be able to rhyme them and spit a rap right here off the dome?

Chris Williams
Well there's only one way to find out.

DJ RipZ smiles and walks over to a stereo near them on the floor. He puts in a CD and presses play. A beat starts to play and DJ RipZ sits back down. Chris Williams stands up and grabs a microphone.

Alright, ready? Sonichu

Chris Williams
Gonna beat the shit out you.
Getting ready to steal your championship.
Surgically attach it to mah hip.
As I flip rhymes in double times the speed.
Longer than it takes you to read.

Alyster Black

Chris Williams
My teammate Alyster Black.
Ready to come to CAW and attack.
Maybe my next album, I'll let em spit on a track.
After we finish with the Olympians they won't be comen back.

Adam Fox.

Chris Williams
Adam Fox, this kid is as dull as a box.
If his sister's name is Megan, I'll see if she's down to fuck.
Pick her up in my hummer truck.
Maybe I'll struck up some dumb luck.

Eric Logan

Chris Williams
Eric Fucken Logan, the fake Hulk Hogan!
What the fuck has he done in the recent?
His wrestling style can't even be called decent.
I'll treat em like I'm Jay-Z and he's nothin but 50 Cent.

Psycho Dragon

Chris Williams
Am I really about go in? On a Pyscho Dragon?
Like a video game on a slow connection this kid is laggen.
I'm here waggen my mindle finger in his direction.
As I take him out with my lyical selection.

Jacoby Jackson

Chris Williams
This kid Jackson, is real whack son.
I'm the one bringing the total nonstop action.
I don't need to bring a faction to kick his ass.
I'll do it a fraction of the time I actually stayed in class.

Ice Cold!

Chris Williams
Ice Cold, he's never growin old.
You know what you've been told.
He puts fear into every single person.
There's nothing worse than,
What he'll do to an entire crew.
Take you out like his heart's frozen.
To the core, unlike the sun.
At the end of the night, you'll be saying Ice Cold won.
I'm done.

Chris Williams drops the microphone to the floor and walks away. DJ RipZ jumps out of his seat and grabs the camera.

Oh did you see that? Not only can he hype himself up, he destroyed your bitch asses, in 4 lines lyrically. Any MC's that wanna bring beef get your ass a CAW contact so he can whoop your ass legally. WE OUT!

The scene fades out after DJ RipZ walks away.
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Note: Underlined texts are quotes from Storme.

An Aesha RP: Who Knew?
As soon as Aesha gets out of the door of Steve Storme’s hospital room, she makes her way towards the ladies’ room, avoiding any eye contact. Whilst she makes her way past the very busy hospital corridor, she quickly tries to retrieve a compact mirror out of her neige Inspirée Louis Vuitton bag to check how badly smudged her mascara had been, but as she does so, she accidentally runs into someone.

Aesha: I’m so..

A dumbfounded look is plastered across Aesha’s features as she realizes who she has just bumped into. Aesha speaks to the person before her, harshly, but in a very controlled manner, almost whispering not to attract any attention.

Aesha: What are you doing here?

An equally dumbfounded look is shown across the features of the man before Aesha. He was just on his way out of the hospital before running into her. A feeling of worry quickly engulfs him as he sees the state that she is in: her usually perfect applied make-up is smudged all over her face, her eyes bloodshot.

Jones: I.. I was just visiting a patient on the fourth floor. What happened, A? Is everything okay?

Harrison Jones, PhD. An old family friend of Aesha who she had just reconnected with a couple of months back. After her separation from Dash Blade, Aesha’s family had persuaded her to go into therapy with Jones, a high renowned New York therapist. It took Aesha a long time to open up to Jones. When she finally did, all ties were cut between the two upon Jones admitting that he had been doing everything in his power to break up the two.

Aesha: Why do you care, Jones? Oh, I know. It’s so when I finally let my guard down and actually trust you, you can kick me right in the gut, right?

Jones: Aesha.. I didn’t. I never meant to hurt you. I was so stupid and I do apologize. I would do anything, A. I’d do absolutely anything for you to forgive me.

Aesha: How about you leave me the fuck alone?

With one last look to her old friend, Aesha brushes past her friend, no emotion whatsoever shown in her face as she walks past him, nurses rushing around, and families waiting.


The scene opens with Aesha and her friend dining at Benihana. The two watches the chef prepare their food at their table, and the two instantly start a conversation soon after the chef leaves them be. Aesha and her friend catch up with each other, as the two haven’t lived together since Aesha and Dash got back together. After a couple of minutes talking about their everyday life, the conversation turns serious as Aesha’s friend brings up Storme.

…: I heard about what happened, is he okay?

Aesha: What?

…: Steve, A. How is he? Have you heard anything?

Her visit to Steve from last night still fresh on her mind, Aesha answers sharply and shortly.

Aesha: He’s fine.

…: Wait, wait. You went to see him? I thought you decided against that. What happened?

A sigh escapes from Aesha’s lips. She rather would have talked about Steve somewhere else; somewhere more private, but knowing her friend, they’re not going to leave the restaurant until questions are answered.

Aesha: At first I couldn’t; I didn’t want to risk my relationship with Dash again, you know? He said he was fine with it, but I knew not completely. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Steve after that night. I called the hospital and asked how he was. They said that he’s fine, but I wanted to see him myself.

…: And you did.

Aesha: I did.

Not wanting to look at her friend, Aesha looks at the table beside them, and watches the chef prepare that table’s meal. Hundreds of times she’s eaten at Benihana, but the chefs never cease to amaze her. She watches the chef converse with the family that he’s serving and thinks back to her SOS days with Steve and Dash. They were a family – they had each other’s backs, they protected each other. Steve was her mentor, Dash was her boyfriend. They were a family.

“The man who trained you - that’s as far as we go – but that’s never been enough for me.”

…: Aesha.

Aesha: What?

…: Are you listening to me? I asked how the visit was.

“Don’t you get it, Aesha? I love you. I fucking love you.”

Aesha: It was okay.

…: That’s it? That’s all you’re gonna tell me? It was okay? Come on, A, knowing you and Steve, something more happened. Either one of you tried to kill the other, or one of you confessed their love for the other. Either way, it’s never just okay between the two of you.

So that she doesn’t have to talk so soon and answer her friend, Aesha starts eating her Filet Mignon. Her friend does so as well, but making sure not to keep eye contact away from Aesha, as Aesha keeps on dodging her question. Knowing her, Steve probably said something that she’s too afraid to tell anyone, in case problem arises.

…: A, what happened?

“I always have done; from the days I trained you right up until this very second. That’s why it hurt so much when you were with Dash... you know, I would have left Kaya for you. I swear I would have left her.”

Aesha: Do we have to talk about this right now? Can’t we just have dinner like normal friends do?

Sighing, Aesha’s friend looks at her with pity. Aesha has never been the one to easily pour emotions out privately, nevermind in public, but after this dinner, they’re probably not going to see each other in a while, anyway. Phone calls between the two are very frequent, but rarely do they ever talk about anything personal on the line.

…: What happened between you two?

Aesha: He told me that.. he told me he still has feelings for me.

…: He’s always had feelings for you, A. He never admitted it when you were with Dash, but it never went away. I’ve always known.

Aesha: I didn’t know. I just.. I never knew.

…: What did you tell him?

Aesha: I told him that I’m back with Dash.


“There’s a chance they can make me normal again... a chance... why didn’t you ever give me a chance, Aesha?”

I loved Steve Storme. Of course, when I went to him and asked him to train me, I didn’t have a clue on who he was, where he came from, or how he was like. When I told my father I wanted to train how to wrestle, he had problems with it. I was daddy’s little girl, it’s understandable enough that he didn’t want me to be hurt, but like I’ve lived my whole life, all I had to do is pout and I got what I wanted. My father, he’s an influential man. He told me that the only way that he would let me wrestle is to get trained by one of the best. All he had to do was make a few phone calls, and he was led to Steve.

Steve was reluctant at first to train me. I am a stubborn person, and it only took him a minute to realize this: I refused to do the first task he gave, the first time he ever saw me. My gender probably was also a big issue. I was a spoiled brat, and granted, I didn’t really take wrestling seriously at first. Steve taught me that I shouldn’t waste my time on something that I wasn’t passionate about. He said that if he was to train me, then I would have to start taking him seriously, otherwise I could just quit, walk away and he wouldn’t have any problems with not seeing me ever again. He said he wasn’t going to train me if I wasn’t going to be the next Beth Storme. I took that as a challenge, and ever since that day, I gave my everything, but in one condition: he wasn’t going to train me to be the next Beth Storme. He was going to train me as Aesha, the best female wrestler to ever step foot in the ring.

I fell in love with Steve, but disregarded any of my feelings. I didn’t want my feelings to get in the way of my training, and I was sure that Steve wasn’t capable of love. Because of this, I didn’t tell him that I had feelings for him, and maybe things were supposed to be this way.


Aesha is seen in her locker room, about to leave for her match with Kayla.

Aesha: In 5 minutes, I’ll be facing Kayla. She has been spewing bullshit about me, how I show so much hatred towards her Steve, and how I should just get over it. She said that I was jealous of her relationship with Steve, and this is why I signed her in Olympian, instead of letting her go to Bloodsport. First of all, I don’t give a fuck what she thinks. When I was still the Olympian Division Manager, I merely signed her because she fits better in Olympian rather than Bloodsport. What did she want to do, be in No Disqualification matches against giants compared to her? Bitch, please. Just tell her to get ready for the match and stop bitching because she's about to face a good kick in the face. From yours truly.

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Note: highlight the spaces for the other end of the phone conversation.

Smells Like Team Spirit

Fade in. Steve Storme’s eyes open slowly from a deep sleep. The setting is the lounge of a large apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Storme is sprawled over a black leather sofa, dressed in a white vest and grey pants. Steve stretches with a groan and rolls onto his side to see a smiling Dante sat in a matching leather chair. He immediately sits up.

Storme: How long have you been here?

Dante: Oh just a few minutes.

Storme realises he’s without his mask and starts scanning the room for it.

Dante: Look down.

Steve does so and sees his mask on the carpet. He quickly puts it back on.

Dante: I’m sorry if I startled you. I was just... curious. You’ve been living here a couple weeks now and I still hadn’t seen your face.

Storme: It’s not something I like to share.

Dante: Well, your mask was already off when I came in. Anyway, there’s something important I’d like to talk to you about. I’ve been meaning to since I visited you in hospital.

Storme: Okay...

Dante: You have a daughter, Steve.

Steve lets out a light chuckle in dismissal.

Dante: I’m serious. Six years ago, you were in Buffalo at a nightclub. You got talking to a girl named Jessica. One thing led to another and soon you were back at her place. It was a drunken one night stand but she soon discovered it was far more complicated. She was pregnant.

Storme: This kid could easily be the result of someone else’s drunken one night with Jessica. How do you know it’s mine?

Dante: No, what happened that night was out of sorts for her.

Storme: You still don’t know for sure, maybe she-

Dante: You have to trust me on this.

Storme: Why do I have to? How the hell do you know all of this?

Dante leans forward to take a sip of daiquiri before settling back into the chair. Steve studies Dante’s face; no sign of age, no blemish on his pale skin.

Dante: I know Jessica personally. When I inquired about the child’s father, she told me about a night of passion with an aspiring wrestler. Being in the industry myself, I asked for his name. “Steve Ashton”, she replied softly.

Storme: How long ago was this?

Dante: A few months.

Storme: Why didn’t you tell me before? I’ve been here for-

Dante: You’ve had a lot to come to terms with lately.

Storme: How thoughtful of you.

Dante: No need for sarcasm, Steve. I had your best interests in mind – as always. In that hospital bed, I saw a broken man with nothing but wrestling to live for. I knew you had a child and in time I would tell you, but I wanted to ensure you weren’t burdened with such a responsibility at such a fragile time. So I brought you here – at no expense – for a couple weeks, provided you with companionship, liquor, coke – whatever you desired.

Storme: You’re right, I’m sorry...

Dante: Don’t stress it.

Storme: I get it now – why you let me stay here. So thank you. I’ll get out of here soon, just give me a few days to move my-

Dante: No need. I enjoy your presence, like the brother I never had.

Storme: Oh. Thanks, man. I really appreciate this. I don’t know what I would have done if I all I had was an empty apartment and my thoughts.

Dante nods in reply before taking further sips from his drink.

Storme: If I’m going to stay here long-term, I may need somebody else with me though...

Dante: Oh?

Storme: Kayla. It’s going pretty well between us and she’s suggested I move in with her. I’d rather stay here and bring her along – if it isn’t too much trouble.

Dante: Of course not. You’ve seen the size of this place; I could have ten people living here at once. But, may I ask when you plan on inviting Kayla?

Storme: I’m going to give it a few more weeks – just to make sure I’m not rushing into things.

Dante: Smart move. It means you can get to know Charlotte and Olivia better. I’ve seen you checking them out and I don’t blame you.

Steve smiles behind his mask, laughing along with Dante.

Storme: That’s where it ends though. I’m trying to be a better boyfriend for Kayla than I was for the others...

Dante: I understand.

Storme: What’s her name – my daughter?

Dante: Cassie.

Storme: Cassie... fuck, I’ve got so many questions.

Dante: I’ll answer them all tomorrow. Now, do you want a drink?

Storme shakes his head in the negative as Dante exits to fill up his drink. Steve listens intently to the hushed murmuring from the kitchen/dining room but can’t pick out any specific words. Soon Dante returns, with Olivia in tow. While the former goes back to his original seat, Olivia decides upon the same sofa as Steve – despite there being other spaces free. She flashes a sweet smile, leaning back into the leather and crossing her long tanned legs. Storme can’t help but take a glance.

Olivia: Hey Steve.

Storme: Hey. Where’s Charlotte?

Olivia: She went out into town, but I’m still here.

Dante: Clearly.

Olivia flicks her long blonde hair out of her face and takes a sip from her cocktail. Steve takes another look at her perfect body before his eyes meet with a smiling Dante.

Olivia: I saw you on TV at 1.4. You and Alyster Black really don’t get on, huh?

Storme: No, we don’t. It’s a pity Dante doesn’t wrestle anymore.

Dante: I don’t like life on the road. It’s not like I need the money either.

Storme: True...

Olivia: You’ve got a pretty girlfriend, Steve. It’s a shame she lost her match.

Storme: Yeah, it was a close one though. She’s talented.

Olivia: Do you see her often?

Storme: Most days, yeah.

Olivia: I don’t have a boyfriend. I prefer to keep my options open.

Steve nods and then notices Olivia is sliding up the sofa towards him.

Olivia: You seem tense. Why don’t you let me give you a massage?

Storme: Uh, well-

She moves closer, her hands rubbing his shoulders sensually.

Olivia: See, isn’t that better?

She leans in further, so her mouth is inches away from his ear.

Olivia: My rooms only down the corridor from yours, Steve. You can come and see me anytime you want to...

Storme suddenly gets to his feet and takes a few steps away from the sofa.

Storme: Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind. Excuse me for a moment.

Steve exits swiftly and walks down a narrow corridor. He slips into his room, throws his mask onto the double bed and stands up against the rain-lashed window, staring out onto downtown Brooklyn. With a sigh, he runs his hand slowly over his charred face. Soon his cell phone is against his ear, irritated by the long wait for Alyster Black to pick up.

Black: What do you want?

Storme: I want to discuss a few things with you.

Black: Fine. Make it brief.

Storme: I doubt you’re busy.

Black: Yeah, I’m just not in the mood for this shit right now.

Storme: I don’t care, this isn’t any other match. We have to rely somewhat on Chris Williams and Sonichu if we’re to win – and you know I don’t lose.

Black: Well I hung out with Chris earlier – he’s actually pretty cool.

Storme: Pretty cool, huh?

Black: Yeah, I like him.

Storme: Kyle Evers gave me some advice last year. He told me that I had too many allies, that I allowed too many people to get close to me – only making it easier for them to stick a knife in my back. I shrugged it off at the time but he was right.

Black: What are you on about? Your friends have all TRIED to stand by you despite this bullshit attitude. I don’t understand why you’re so determined to distance yourself from-

Storme: My “friends” tried to stand by me because they know that it’s in their best interests to do so – not because they care for my well-being. Look at The Antidote. I let Ashburn into my inner circle and when he saw no more use in me...

Black: So you’re saying Chris is going to turn on us?

Storme: I’m saying that making friends with him is counterproductive.

Black: Too bad I’m not interested in what you’re saying.

Storme: I’ve made countless careers – yours included. Act like a petulant brat all you like but we both know where you’d be without me. I know this business better than ANYONE on the roster but I suppose you’re too hard-headed to acknowledge it. What a pity that-

Black: Is this all you called me up for? A fucking lecture?

Storme: You need one. What happened last week? You left the ring to fix your mask, leaving me open to The Bloodhounds. While they were hitting their finisher, you were-

Black: You kicked out though so what’s the big deal?

Storme: A lesser man wouldn’t. You, for example. The big deal is that you put MY Tag Team Title on the line to protect your fucking gimmick. You don’t NEED to wear that mask. I guess you thought you could rely on me to endure any two-on-one beat-down, huh? I knew you were a low-life but I didn’t think you’d be so keen to confirm that you’re the junior partner.

The phone line goes dead from Black’s end. Storme exhales heavily and stares back out onto the Brooklyn streets, his troubled mind racing. Fade out.

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Only PsyDrag had the decency to let me know he couldn't show - even if it was only a few hours before the deadline. The rest of you have no excuse, especially serial offenders like Luke and MOD. Both of you have been online today and yet neither could be bothered to RP or even let me know you wouldn't be RPing.

Thanks to those who did put some work in. There have been some great RPs for this show.

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Combat Arts & Wrestling 1.5
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