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 Jacoby Jackson

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PostSubject: Jacoby Jackson    Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:42 pm

.:Jacoby Jackson Contract:.

.:Name Information:.
In Ring Name:Jacoby Jackson
Real Name:Jacoby Jackson

Hails From:Baltimore,Maryland
Height:5 ft 10 in
Weight:210 lbs
Birth Date:November 2nd

.:Exterior Scrutiny:.
Pic Base/Poser:Kid Cudi
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Black
Out Of Ring Outfit:Leather jackets,Bright colored shirts,Skinny jeans,and Black sunglasses
In Ring Outfit:Purple,Teal,or Orange tights with his name on them

.:In Ring Attributes:.
Years Wrestling:Just a few months
Trained By:Nathan Harter
Promotions Wrestled Under:CGS,Galveston Island Wrestling
Championship / Achievement History:CAW Pure Champion
Primary Wrestling Style:Technical
Secondary Style:High Flyer
Weak Point:Powerhouse
In Ring Method Influence:Nathan Harter
Personality Method Influence:None
Gimmick:Layed back, Does whatever he is told to do by Harter
Tends To:Manipulate
Will Never:Get caught cheating
Preferred Weapon:Kendo Stick
In Ring Mannerisms:Calm and Chill

Super Kick
Scissors kick
Tornado DDT
Dragon Suplex
Exploder Suplex
Flowing Snap DDT
One handed bulldog
Delayed vertical suplex
Tilt–a–whirl backbreaker
Double knee facebreaker
Fireman's Carry Double Knee Gutbuster
Running double high knee to an opponent in the corner

Primary Finisher Name:Jacoby Jolt
Description:Swinging reverse STO

Secondary Finisher Name:Embodied Decapitation Cattle Mutilation
Description:Cattle Mutilation

.:Musical Exterior:.
Theme Song:"Chonkyfire" by OutKast
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PostSubject: Re: Jacoby Jackson    Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:43 am

Accepted to the Olympian division.

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Jacoby Jackson
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