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 Former Writer on Past Angles, Laurinaitis' Start

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PostSubject: Former Writer on Past Angles, Laurinaitis' Start   Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:49 pm

- David Lagana, who is a former WWE Writer and the current producer of TNA recounted some religious angles WWE has done in the past. Here is what he wrote on Twitter.

"While at WWE, I once booked the Easter Bunny to fight the APA. Another time, Vince booked himself vs God. Bunny and God did the job."

- Luke Williams, who is a former WWE Superstar, was recently on Fight Club in Chicago. During the interview, Williams discussed giving John Laurinaitis his start.

"We broke him in the business," said Williams. "We were in NWA and he came in and Dusty [Rhodes] put him with us. Dusty was the booker at the time and he put him with us to learn the business. When he first started, he carried our flag and after a year or so, we went into the six-man's and all that. John is a very educated man; he's got a bachelor's in business. I left in 1988 to go to WWE and he went to WCW and teamed up with Shane Douglas."
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Former Writer on Past Angles, Laurinaitis' Start
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