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 Several WWE Superstars React to WrestleMania 28

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PostSubject: Several WWE Superstars React to WrestleMania 28   Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:36 pm

- Several WWE stars have reacted on Twitter to the fallout from WrestleMania 28:

Michael McGillicutty: "I'm done sitting on the sidelines! I need to be involved with #WrestleMania. Let's do this! #EndofanEra"

Joey Styles: "Congratulations to @TheRock for winning his "Once in a Lifetime" #WrestleMania match with @JohnCena. 78,000 people exploded in Miami."

Howard Finkel: "Another W'Mania in the books! Kudos 2 R superstars 4 their efforts, and kudos to all of u who watched 2nite! And for me: 28 in a row! YES!!!"

Santino Marella: "Rock just beat cena, I'm speechless for once in my life"

Natalya: "Well @TheRock has nice taste In submissions! #sharpshooter #WrestleMania"

Vickie Guerrero: "Wrestlemania was incredible!!! Everyone worked hard and gave their heart! Thank you fellow superstars, production, and crew!!!"

Randy Orton: "Gonna be hard to top HHH/ Taker......#WrestleMania28"

Zack Ryder: "@EveMarieTorres ruined my #WrestleMania moment. I got a low blowski from a hoeski."

Epico "There it is! I walked in to #wrestlemania as tag team champion and I leave as tag team champion!!!"
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Several WWE Superstars React to WrestleMania 28
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