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 About CAW Bookie

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PostSubject: About CAW Bookie   Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:43 am

You will be able to bet on the events in the threads that I make and they will be closed once the event has been settled. If you have requests for specific games or events that you'd like to see up, please request it in the suggestions/questions/discussion thread.

These odds will not be like most American odds where there's a spread that you bet on. These will be decimal odds (eg. 0.2). How the payouts work is that if you bet 1000 on a team with the odds of winning at 0.2, then you will receive 1000*0.2 (200 winnings). Obviously the harder to predict events will have much higher payouts, so balance your risk accordingly so you won't lose all your money and diversify your bets.

Because odds sometimes are not out until the day before the event (leagues with daily games played, i.e. NBA, NHL, MLB), if you want to bet on something, you have to check essentially daily depending on the sport and event. Since I can't keep up with every sporting event's starting times, some events (such as NHL, NBA, etc.) will have deadlines that go up to the minute before the game starts. Since there are users from all over the world, I will put the deadline for the event, plus what the "current time" is on my end. All you have to do is look at the time the thread was made (the time in your time zone), then compare it to my time zone ("current time"), then you can figure out the difference in time zones and find out what time the deadline is for you according to your time zone. No exceptions will be made on the deadlines, even if you're 1 minute off.

Editing Bets
When you bet, I record your bet on a seperate excel spreadsheet, so I will know what you bet. If you wish to edit your bet, make a new post to make sure I see the time that the edit was made (to ensure it wasn't after the deadline), otherwise your edit may not count. From now on, if you edit your original post and your bet amount differs from what I have recorded, then I will proceed with using what amount I have recorded. If you post a new bet, your old one will be disregarded.


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About CAW Bookie
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