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 6.12.11. Reap From The Overcast.

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PostSubject: 6.12.11. Reap From The Overcast.   Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:20 pm

Date: 6.12.11.
Reap From The Overcast
Main Attraction: In the final 4DK show, Hipp sqares off with old rival Randy Orton to hopefully get him on track. Big Smooth & OG Grimace finally meet in the ring, albeit a tag. Steve Storme steps in the ring with Psycho Dragon in a Lighttube Coffin Match to punish his student. Also, Guest Commentary throughout the night!
Begin Theme: How You Like Me Now? by Hopsin
End Theme: So Lonely by Tech N9ne
Featured: Scott Steiner, DJ Hipp, Steve Storme, Big D. Smooth & more!
Deadline: 8PM New York Time Sunday/1AM London Time Monday
Note: This show will be on Sunday instead of Saturday. Gives us all more time.

Depths Of The Demons Death Match
DJ Hipp vs Randy Orton
Special Commentary: Mystery Guest!

Robot Fish Sticks Match
Robo-Black Steve Storme vs Gay Robo-Fish
Special Commentary: Dusty Rhodes

Glass, Light Tubes & Cell Match (GLC Match)
Big D. Smooth, Scott Steiner, Rodney Mack & Montel Porter vs OG Grimace, ??, Horatio Gates & Jason Dave
Special Commentary: Mark Henry

Lighttube Coffin Match
Steve Storme vs Psycho Dragon
Special Commentary: DJ Hipp


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PostSubject: If I Get One More Driiink (Ft Michael Rissi)   Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:15 am


A Flash of light greets us, piercing through the darkness and stunning vision for a few moments. After the bright light dies down we are met directly with the image of Big D Smooth and his right hand man Michael Rissi standing in an empty white room. They are both in black and white as they're figure and view becomes clearer. Big D. Smooth is wearing a large shirt with a few big chains around his neck. One chain has a replica of Big D. Smooth's face on it, the other reads 4DK.
Big D. Smooth adjusts his sunglasses and scratches his beard. Michael Rissi is in street clothes with a baseball cap and a long jacket. Big D. Smooth and Michael Rissi come in close to the camera and shorten the frame. Michael begins to point at the frame to generate some movement while Big D. Smooth leans in and bursts into an erratic outburst.

Big D. Smooth: Uh, 6 Man Tag Team Match? Looks like I'm going to have to reap some overcast. Oh wait the match is at Reap from the Overcast. But wait! What's that? I'm up against Horatio Gates and Jason Dave again for like the 50th time... Haven't I proved that they are not worth a second of my time? Horatio Gates is barely walking from his double beating last week. The guy is 0-4 why is he still employed in this business. It makes me sick that someone of such awful, dreadful, terrible, appalling, dire, unpleasant, poor and just plain bad fighting skills.
I didn't just beat Horatio Gates once last week, I beat him twice. Why do I have to keep proving that I can beat Gates? I've also beat Jason Dave twice and my tag team partner Montel Porter twice.
Need I go on? I guess I do. See I have clearly the better team, although Montel Porter couldn't hang with me in both matches I defeated him in, he is still a much better competitor than Jason Dave and that loser Horatio Gates. I have the man Scott Steiner on my side and not to mention I will be leading the team to victory. Big D, Scott Steiner and Montel Porter will secure an easy victory. So quite frankly there is nothing more to say on the issue.

Michael Rissi Whoa! Hold up...

Big D. Smooth: Huh? Oh Yeah that's right, the big man OG Grimace. I almost forgot. You know, last week I almost didn't want to push you out of the ring during the 6 Man Stamina Battle Royal. But I had to if I wanted to destroy all the other losers in the ring.
I would have just as soon as teamed up with you in that time to destroy the likes of the other five men, than to win that match for myself. As far as I'm concerned you are the only guy in that ring that I can respect. You are clearly a dominant force in the fourth dimension.
Not quite as dominant as me but still an amazing competitor. It would be great if we could collaborate against the appalling disease that infects 4DK that is disgusting people like Horatio Gates and Jason Dave. OG Grimace, I still don't know what you want as you keep coming into and interfering in my matches. So in order to get things going, I slapped you in the heat of the moment. I would have kicked your ass as-well if the ring didn't break. But I never wanted to beat you up.
I want you to join me as a force of complete and utter dominance. That night, we broke the ring. We dominated the competition. We upped the potential and we wowed the audience. We put on an amazing show because the amazing forces of dominance and power we are. Now that we know we can fight each other, why not after out match this week, team up? Against everyone, Dragon, Gates, Dave, Porter and Orton. Just get the job done and show 4DK that they have met their match.
It was our dominance and mass that destroyed the ring that night. We were the highlight of the night and outshined every other competitor in the stamina battle royal. They can't hold a candle to either of us as a unit, but together OG Grimace and Big D Smooth would be so dominant and unstoppable, that DJ Hipp would have those other losers asking for their releases.

Michael Rissi: Ok Big stop. If I Get One More Drink it's time for me to talk to em.'

-Horatio Gates - What are you thinking, getting in the ring with Big D. Smooth again after he just destroyed you and messed you up twice in one night. Boy you better go and ask for a different match or your release or something, because you will not live to the end of -Reap From The Overcast.- Don't be stupid now what's more important to you? Losing a match or losing your life? Think about it because you might not have much longer to think... And think with a clear head; take your meds as directed fool. From now on you go and see Michael Rissi MD and I will put your disorders in check with a quick beating you messed up arrogant fool.
Thing is, what you got to be arrogant about? You're 0-4 at the moment and you can't buy a match. You have nothing going for you, you are pathetic and basically have nothing left in life to look forward too other than being killed in the ring by Big D. Smooth. I can honestly say that you are the most pathetic person in the 4DK and you make all wrestlers look bad and give the fourth dimension a bad name.

But that's not all... No way. Rissi just getting started.

- Jason Dave - I thought we were through with you already, you stupid Jeff Hardy fanboy impersonator. I told my nephew that I was going to get him a Jeff Hardy impersonator for his birthday and you better show up. I can declare that you are the second worst piece of scum in 4DK today. You give the fourth dimension a bad name, Jason Dave and you need to be taken out fast. You’re always going on about trying to pull ugly chicks in therapist’s offices and coffee shops. Always going on about trying to pick up this whore but she isn't giving you any yet... What does this have to do with anything in 4DK or any of your matches?
You need to get your technique in check before you get your pathetic career taken away from you courtesy of Big D. Smooth and the crew. I mean, try to at least acknowledge that you got a match or that you wrestle under 4DK, you illiterate pathetic loser.

Big D. Smooth bursts over and pushes Michael Rissi out of the way. They both start jumping around as Big D. Smooth returns to the centre of the frame. Big D. Smooth launches into another tirade. Michael Rissi leaves the frame for a moment and brings back a small rusty hospital bed. He wheels it around for a while before Big D. Smooth grabs it and places it next to him.

Big D. Smooth: This is where you belong, on one of these beds crying about your losses, tending to your wounds and feeling sorry for yourself for all eternity. I will put you there for good and there’s not a damn thing you can do to evade me and my wrath. I already gave you the chance to quit but you passed it up. Now you have sealed your own fate.
As I said and have kept saying to you: Choose a different career path or join me. Well now it is time to embrace because the end is closing in on you due to your own foolish little mistakes.
The end is near for you Gates and Dave. OG Grimace I don't wish to continue any type of feud with you after the match, I wish for you to join me. But it is up to you entirely, join me and destroy the forth dimension's downsides or choose not to form the most dominant and amazing force wrestling has ever seen.

Big D. Smooth picks up the dilapidated bed and throws it out of the frame as Michael Rissi dashes out of the way and dives back to the centre of the frame.

Michael Rissi: All you losers just met your kryptonite. So it looks like your going to see some big defeat tonight. Jason Dave, like come on we are all over the Jeff Hardy impersonator and the kicking back with whores in coffee shops bit.
Why don't you go and try finding your own individual personality and growing up. While you’re at it try get some wrestling lessons or something because you are just awful Dave. Big OG is a force to be reckoned with but up against the boy Steiner and Smooth, OG Grimace is going to be crying to his momma. Montel Porter is not that good but he is no way next to Horatio Gates in a skills perspective.
At least Porter can win a match and throw a punch. Unlike Horatio Gates, who’s main finishing move is to get defeated in every single match. OG, Gates and Dave, you will not walk out the winners come Sunday. But at least you will rack up some experience in losing some more.

:Seriously, I have to face Horatio Gates and Jason Dave again? This time in tag team action. These guys, especially Gates need to wake up and pay attention.
I have proved myself against these awful competitors (especially Gates) more than once, yet they still can compete at my level. As competitors and characters they do not deserve to be able to compete in 4th Dimension Kombat. It is time to set some standards and if no one wants to do it, I will.

Big D. Smooth: OG Grimace, both of us destroyed and crushed the ring last week. Nothing that monumental has been accomplished in the fourth dimension. Who is to say that we won't destroy the ring again this Sunday with all those others in the ring with us?
We both have the potential to create havoc and chaos within this place. Take our anger out on those who deserve it and use our force and size against those who think they are great.
We can show the competition that we are the greatest and force the rest to respect us. Come Sunday chances are we will brawl within the ring. We will make the night with our match and probably destroy the ring let alone the arena. Even though I will be the one getting my arm raised high at the end, I am still giving you my offer to join me, to join us. I gave Horatio Gates the same offer and he refused it, now look where he is. 0-4 and can’t win a match if his life depended on it and is also the lowest ranked competitor on Fourth Dimension Kombat. All because he was arrogant and he didn't take my offer.
So OG Grimace, take my advice and take my offer to join me after our match. Join me to take out fools like your tag team partners Jason Dave and Horatio Gates, or join me to take out the people who think they are the best but in reality are the worst such as Montel Porter.
Gates, as I have said, prepare not only to be beaten within an inch of your life but also prepare for a life and career of defeat as it will be instilled in your inadequate mind as you come so close to facing the conclusion of your existence here in the Fourth Dimension you don't deserve to be here anymore. Your time is up and I have to get rid of you for good now.

:I used to think about it was solely about winning matches, but now I know its about humiliating and embarrassing the losers and the pathetic competitors who think they are great but really are the worst. It's about taking out the ones who don't care and are not co-operative.
Trying to keep something living and make it thrive but with scum like this on your side they just get in the way of the true cause. Hinder you in what you are trying to create for them and for everyone.
Time to set some standards and time to cut off the diseases who just don't care. The vision will grow eventually, I'm just getting a leg up now is all.

Michael Rissi: Big D. Smooth is the premier star in the fourth dimension. He has shined over every other competitor from Dave to Gates to Porter. This match is a joke for the big guy. We all know how Reap From The Overcast is going to go. Psycho Dragon and Randy Orton will fail in their respective matches as they do every time they step up in the ring.
Some bad commentary from Average N is going to go down and the number one most obvious thing that will happen is Big D. Smooth and his team walking out the victors after the match. Now OG Grimace, as Big D said you have the opportunity to join us in our crew to make the lives of your team mates miserable. Seriously, I want you to think about Big D. Smooth's offer and really consider it. Horatio and Dave never joined us and they are the most pathetic excuses for competitors I have ever seen, you don't want to end up like them do you?

Big D. Smooth runs up and pushes Rissi out of the frame then starts pointing and laughing at the frame that we view him in. He adjusts his sunglasses and dives into another speech.

Big D. Smooth: Yeah! Listen to fact and truth here, for the 3rd time each I will be facing the likes of Horatio Gates and Jason Dave, even though I have already proved I am better than them more than once. It will be the first time I face OG Grimace and what will happen will happen, all I can say and guarantee is that I will win the match with Scott Steiner and Montel Porter.
So when the ring collapses again and Montel, Steiner, Gates and Dave are all shaken and brought to their knees from our amazing dominant forces, I will take Grimace out as well as Gates, Dave and even Porter. The only ones that should be standing are Scott Steiner and I. If need be I will help OG Grimace up if he takes my offer and shakes my hand in sportsmanship and alliance. Other than that nothing else needs to be said about this match, about this issue and about this amazing encounter.
Big D. Smooth gives the fans what they want and I will walk out the winner from this match because I am the most powerful individual and I have the better team. No one should be talking about this anymore; I can guarantee Jason Dave won't Ha! I'm waiting on his latest update on how picking up his prostitute from the therapist's office is going and then the last minute realising he has a match, forgetting to address any of his opponents. HAH! Let the games begin. 4DK. Big D. Smooth, Rissi and entourage making an impact in the fourth dimension now. Peace...

Michael Rissi tries to jump back into the frame to say something else but Big D. Smooth pushes him out of the way and gestures to him that nothing else needs to be said. Big D. Smooth then turns to the frame and looks extremely angry as we zoom in. The area starts to fill with smoke quickly as Smooth begins to slowly disappear within the billowing clouds. It eventually swallows up Smooth and Rissi until nothing but smoke can be seen and nothing heard.


Fade Out

4DK W/L/D Record
W:: 5 L:: 0 D:: 0

4DK Certificate of WinRawr Winner
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PostSubject: Re: 6.12.11. Reap From The Overcast.   Sun Jun 12, 2011 11:37 am

Dave is shown next to a 30 inch flat screen TV. He stares at the camera with a wicked grin on his face.


This week, I am facing some random people in a six man tag match. Well, Big D Smooth, you already know what your up against, but for those that dont know, heres a video.

Dave gestures to the TV as it turns on, a video pops up.


Becca Lyttle

The following contest is a No Holds Barred Match! Introducing first
from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in 215 pounds, JASON

Another by Jeff Hardy and Dale Oliver hits the PA system as Jason
Dave comes dancing out of the curtain charismatically to the sound of
boos before fireworks blast rapidly across the stage and Dave continues
to dance down the aisle shouting at the fans that are showing him so
much disrespect. He leaps up onto the apron and flips himself into the
ring before running up onto the turnbuckle and taunting to the fans,
but showing some arrogant happiness after last week's success gained
him a spot in the Elite Championship Scramble at Road to Redemption. He
jumps down and runs into the centre of the ring as he waits for his

Becca Lyttle

And his opponent from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing in 290 pounds... he is
the Instant Classic.... BRYAN VALENTINEEE!!

Cash Money by Kevin Rudolf hits the PA system to the reaction of
very loud boos from the audience that is watching. Bryan Valentine
comes out of the curtain with a determined but arrogant facial
expression on his face. He walks slowly down the ramp ignoring the arms
of the fans in the rows next to the aisle. He approaches the end of the
ramp and walks up the steel steps, not for one second taking his eyes
of Dave as he gets into the ring. He does though for now, climbing the
top turnbuckle and raising both arms as Dave stares at his opponent
also one of his four opponents at Road to Redemption. Valentine gets
back down and referee Craig Law stands in the middle of them trying to
avoid a fight before the beginning of the match. The bell sounds and
Dave looks intent on going for Valentine right away. He runs at
Valentine but Bryan grabs him into a headlock and pushes Dave into the
corner. The charismatic superstar retaliates with a kick to the stomach
and a running bulldog on Valentine. Valentine gets up and Dave tries to
hit another move with a neckbreaker but Valentine pushes Dave away and
runs at him with a big boot. Dave ducks and Valentine falls into the
rope. Dave runs at Valentine but in this fast paced match, Valentine
tosses Dave over onto the apron. Valentine turns back as groggy Dave
rests on the apron.

Jackson Ryder

What a fast paced start to his match. Trading moves, trading reversals,
this is going to be an exhilarating contest!

Trey Stewart

No disqualifications and no count outs means weapons too, exciting and
brutal are the two words to describe what this match is gonna be like!

Valentine strikes Dave in the face but Dave stays on the apron.
Valentine strike him again but Dave falls back with both arms on the
ropes. Valentine headbutts Dave who falls back and one arms comes off
the ropes. Dave retaliates from the attack trying to knock him off the
ropes but throwing himself forward with one hard punch to knock
Valentine back. Dave jumps up onto the rope and dives down with a
springboard splash but Valentine quickly counts flipping Dave over and
slamming him into the mat. Valentine hooks the leg, 1... 2... but Dave
gets the shoulder up. Valentine picks up Dave and throws him across the
ring into the ring post. Dave stays in that position in agony as his
shoulder meets the steel. Valentine pulls Dave out and a second time,
holding him by his trousers throws him again into the steel ring post.
Valentine smirks at the destruction he is causing. Valentine slides out
of the ring, now though. As Dave heads sticks out of the ropes,
Valentine gets a good and brutal idea. Valentine shoos the bell ringer
off his chair as Becca Lyttle jumps out of the way to let the big man
through. Valentine folds the chair up and approaches Jason Dave, still
stuck in this position.

Jackson Ryder

Uh oh, this could be lights out for Jason Dave. It doesn't take a
genius to realise what Valentine is about to do with that steel chair
right there!

Trey Stewart

Valentine's not just powerful, he's intelligent! And Jason Dave's skull
is about to feel that!

Valentine smirks at the audience around him before running at Dave
about to hit him in the skull with the chair but Dave quickly pulls
back out of the way before ducking down and diving rapidly through the
middle rope onto Valentine throwing him to the floor and allowing him
to drop the steel chair, to an actual cheer from the audience. Dave
returns from his feet but Valentine stays down. Dave picks up the steel
chair and looks down at Valentine. Dave leaps up putting the chair
beneath his legs and rams it down into Bryan Valentine to another cheer
of the fans. The risk taking Dave gets up again and brings Valentine to
his feet. But the big man attacks Dave pushing him back into the steel
steps then spearing him through the lethal weapon, leaving the two men
and the steel steps scattered on the ground. Valentine crawls along,
trying to use the security barrier to help himself up. Dave crawls
along too, using the steel steps to guide him to his feet. Dave falls
though rested against the steps. Valentine runs to boot him but Dave
dodges it gets to his feet and throws Valentine into the announcers

Jackson Ryder

Looks like we are about to get involved in this action now, Trey, and I
wouldn't be surprised if this table became a weapon.

Trey Stewart

Shame, I am the only one of the commentator partnership that could
fight for himself, I won't let them hurt you Jack, haha!

Dave is on his knees regaining stamina as Valentine rests against
the announcers table. Dave gets up and then smacks Valentine head
against the plate of the announcers table which then falls off onto the
ground. He smashes Valentine's head again and rolls him on top of the
table. Dave picks up the chair, which is slightly shattered and smacks
it into the chest of Valentine then throwing on the floor as Trey
Stewart and Jackson Ryder move themselves out of the way. Dave jumps up
onto the apron and slowly moves himself up onto the turnbuckle. Dave
steadies himself before jumping down and hitting a Swanton Bomb through
the announcers table! The two men lay motionless in the wreckage of the
announcers table as whiles knot and pieces of the table are scattered,
the fans cheer after seeing such a high risk move. Dave finds some sort
of life by getting to a vertical base and picking Valentine up by his
head and rolling him inside the ring. Dave slowly gets down onto
Valentine and hooks the leg, Law counts the pin, 1... 2.. but Valentine
kicks out to the absolute shock of the fans but Dave just rolls across
pushes his face against the floor in frustration.

Jackson Ryder

How on earth did Bryan Valentine kick out of that!? Good god what a

Trey Stewart

Dave took too long to capitalise that's the reason, if he was a bit
quicker maybe Valentine would of been defeated!

Dave rolls out of the ring and holds the apron up and pulls out a
wooden table and slides it into the ring. He then picks up a trashcan
full of stop signs and other useful weapons in which he chucks into the
ring. Dave slides back into the ring and attempts the trash can and
picks up the wooden four by four. Valentine gets to his feet and Dave
strike him in the site several times knocking Valentine to his knees.
Dave cracks Valentine one last time round the head with the weapon.
Dave kicks all the loose weapons for the trash can out of the ring and
places the trashcan into the centre of the ring. Dave runs at the up
approaching but is grabbed harshly by Valentine and lifted up.
Valentine walks towards the trash can and slams him down with The Dark
Rose through the metal trashcan. Valentine rolls him over and hooks the
leg, 1... 2... but Dave kicks out to the absolute shock of every single
person in the arena. Valentine throws the trashcan out of the ring in
frustration. Valentine looks at the wooden table before bringing it up
and pulling out the stand and puts it firmly on the ground, pulling it
into the centre of the ring but literally out of nowhere Jason Dave
jumps and hits a quick Twist of Hate through the table. The two men lay
there motionless before Dave crawls onto Valentine for the cover, 1...
2... 3! Dave gets the victory!

Becca Lyttle

Here is your winner..... JASON DAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVE!!!

Dave gets up and falls immediately against the ropes, just about
able to stand. Craig Law walks over and raises his hand but Dave pushes
him away and walks up and jumps up onto the turnbuckle and raises his
arms. The screen fades to black in Dave's celebrations for a commercial


The screen turns black, the camera moves over to Dave as he has a huge smile on his face.

Now, Big D, I know you have already beat me twice, but lets face it, you and me are everything here in 4DK, you and me, together, we would be unstoppable, after tonight, think about how you and me would be as a tag team.

Dave snickers and slowly walks away from the camera as it goes black.
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PostSubject: Re: 6.12.11. Reap From The Overcast.   Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:37 pm

It's late, the night of Death To The Order and DJ Hipp and Queen Z are the only ones still in the building. They go to leave together, hoping to do something, anything together simply enjoying each other's company. They reach an elevator and enter it but don't press any buttons.

DJ Hipp
What are you gonna do, shoot me in a elevator?

Queen Z
Pow pow?

DJ Hipp
Sorry, always wanted to say that.

Queen Z
WHY would I shoot you in a elevator?

DJ Hipp
I can't believe you haven't seen Juice.

Queen Z
I can't believe your STILL trying to get me to watch that.

DJ Hipp
It's only been every time I see you for two years, not that bad. Come on I got the DVD back in one of the first three dimensions. We can go back to one of my spots.

Hipp begins to get closer to Z and she rests her head on his shoulder.

Queen Z
That sounds-

Suddenly She Thinks I'm A Psycho by Brotha Lynch Hung can be heard faintly in the background. Hipp takes out his phone and the song gets louder, it's Hipp's ringtone for when his twelve year old daughter, "Kid Hipp" calls.

DJ Hipp
It's her.

Queen Z
Take it!

Hipp nods and answers the phone and the song stops playing.

DJ Hipp

Kid Hipp
Dad? Where are you?

DJ Hipp
I'm in the Fourth Dimension. You'd like it here. Everyone wants to meet you-

Kid Hipp
Dad. Come home.

DJ Hipp
I don't have a home anymore, Kid Hipp. The worlds are my home.

Z lifts her head off Hipp's shoulder.

Queen Z (in a whisper)
What the fuck?

Kid Hipp
Who's that? Who are you with?

Hipp presses the button on the elevator to go down to the main floor.

DJ Hipp
Mind your business.

Kid Hipp
Okay, stop with the evil schemes for ONE day and come see us.

DJ Hipp
I wish I could, Kid Hipp. But the world does not rest-

Kid Hipp
My name is-

The elevator reaches the main floor and stops. The doors open but Hipp and Z stay inside it.

DJ Hipp
Yeah I know, it's Kid Hipp. Your mother insisted on it don't blame me.

Kid Hipp hangs up.

DJ Hipp
Good talk. Come down to the Fourth!

Hipp puts his phone away and stares at the ground.

Queen Z
Maybe you should go home, Hipp. Have you thought about her and her mother? I know things didn't end well, but you haven't seen them since Winter Of Our Discontent, have you? Your daughter needs you Jay.

DJ Hipp
She doesn't need me. She wishes she did, but she doesn't. Jen needs to start dating again. That's all it is, she needs to see her mom smile. Her mother is her hero, not me. Her favorite wrestler is Doctor Cube for duck's sake.

Queen Z
You don't have to act like you don't miss them.

DJ Hipp
I don't want her to see me like this. It used to be I was the man, unquestioned, if I didn't kill you with my Cop Killa I damn near came close...Used to be, you wanted to make yourself known, you had to prove your worth as a street fighter, or hustler. We don't fight in the streets no mo'. We're organized now we, too "gangsta for the garden" so we take it underground. Inside! I'm a business man, and this is my business! My soldiers are Legion. Storme. The Queen. Ko-Ko. Russo. Henry. Mack. Steiner. Grimace. You want a shot at me, you gotta make it past these brothas! It's a dangerous world out here, seems everytime I turn around there's another young buck want's to take me on! I lay down for no man! You wanna take what's mine? You gotta beat me! But nobody, EVER beats me!

Queen Z

DJ Hipp
Don't tell me you never played Def Jam Vendetta!?

Queen Z

Z takes Hipp's hand and holds it directing him out of the building and to the backseat of a car. They start to kiss but it doesn't work to well cause their masks are in the way. Z takes her mask off as we cut to a behind view, not seeing her face but instead her long black hair, her back and her ass. Hipp is into it you can tell, but he doesn't want to take off his mask. Z is able to pull Hipp's mask up far enough to kiss him but he still won't let her take his mask off any further than that.

Queen Z
Just take the damn mask off I've seen your face before!

DJ Hipp
You may have but the cameraman hasn't...

Queen Z
Damnit Jay! When were you gonna tell me you were filming this?

DJ Hipp
You wouldn't have agreed-

Queen Z
That's the fucking point!

DJ Hipp

Queen Z
Go see your daughter, Deej. You need each other.

DJ Hipp

Queen Z
Nah. V for Victory.

They share a laugh as Z leaves. It wasn't her car or Hipp's, but DJ hotwires it and leaves as well, not knowing where he should go all by himself now he heads to the nearest bar. It turns out to be the same bar he and Storme were kicked out of for being of a different species and being black respectively a few months ago before Storme changed back races. Hipp decides not to attempt entering this time. Instead he gets out of the car and sits on the sidewalk like old times, as we get a close up of Hipp's mask/face, he stares hard into the camera.

DJ Hipp
I've been kicked out of a lot of bars before but this one is by far the worst offender. That's just like 4DK. Everyone there is like me, a fucking lunatic. But the worst offender, the one most like me of them all is my old friend, my old rival from the DXX days, Randy Orton. Randy, you haven't beaten me since January 2008 when we finally met in that Mayhem ring for a No DQ match in a Tournament you won that I should have won, but the GM at the time my enemy turned best friend turned enemy turned both friend and enemy Carari GREY FOX re-started the match and you detached my retina causing me to lose that fight. Alas I won the war within the next month when Carari realized the misjudgement she had made and aligned herself with me to form the Immortal Sinners. And Randy not only did we take out your Evolution for good, but I defeated you in the first and only ever Security Prison Guard Death Match to become the final World Heavyweight Champion in Mayhem history and start my and the Sinners unmatched reign of single stable dominance. Our feud had been boiling for atleast five months and I took you down and I gained a respect for you Randall. We would go on to have a final match in 2009 where I was the victor again, throwing my v in your face after The Cop Killa, The Yakuza Kick & The Instant Sentance. And when receiving the message of mission completion we shook hands and put our past well behind us. But then came 4DK. You were the first guy I wanted to sign. You and Psycho Dragon were posed to dominate this league but what have you done? You lost every match you been in and you received another Cop Killa by me. Orton I just have one message for you tonight, but how's about we let someone who knows the both of us better than most tell it?

We fade out and a white screen pops up with this message in black letters.

"Beware of the Cop Killa. Know why?

DJ Hipp hits the Cop Killa, the wrestler get knocked out cold, glass shatters, a starving child dies, a village in a third world country is raided by terrorists and killed, China explodes, a meteorite smashes into the planet, a super volcano erupts showering the world in darkness, Obama wins the 2012 election, Iran successfully obtains a Nuclear bomb blowing up Russia, who retaliates by launching 15 at them...
the world see's WW3, all die from nuclear decay... Josh Impact gets pinned for the 1, 2, 3...

<.< " - Carari Grey

End Scene.

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PostSubject: Re: 6.12.11. Reap From The Overcast.   Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:19 pm

Fade in. Steve Storme has returned to where he first saw the deity cat. Or at least where he thinks he saw it – he’s not entirely that actually happened. Seeking the truth, he glances up and down the empty corridor of the 4DK arena, searching for any sign of the kitty.

Storme: Hello? Uh, deity cat? Are you there?

Nothing. Steve sighs, concluding that it was all a figment of his imagination. He turns to leave but there it is, staring at him with glowing eyes from a seated position. Steve recoils a little in surprise.

Storme: How do you do that?

Cat: What?

Storme: Appear out of nowhere.

Cat: I can do a lot of things. I thought we established this.

Storme: If I need to talk to you, do I just... return to this corridor?

Cat: No. If you focus hard enough – anywhere – I will be aware that you require my presence. Now what do you want?

Storme: Well I wanted to ask you about-

Cat: No.

Storme: You didn’t even let me finish.

Cat: I know.

Steve groans irritably and shakes his head from side to side.

Storme: Look, whatever the hell you are, you need to understand that this is whole thing is messed up. According to a talking cat that controls the real 4th dimension, I’m a superhuman who has yet to reach his full potential.

Cat: Correct.

Storme: Do you not realise how ridiculous that sounds?

Cat: To a human, yes... you haven’t told anyone, have you?

Storme: Of course not, they would lock me up in a padded room. I don’t even buy into this shit myself – it just doesn’t make sense!

Cat: You will have no doubt once you see what you are capable of.

Storme: I don’t understand why you can’t explain more.

Cat: You will know everything in due time.

Storme: Well I won both my matches with ease, I’ve “honed my abilities” like you said. What’s next on the agenda?

Cat: It will take far greater practise to hone your abilities to the extent required. The Light Tube Coffin match this week should provide you with a stronger opponent; Psycho Dragon is a product of your own teaching after all.

Storme: Psycho Dragon is a failure, he is a disgrace to my teaching. If I am what you claim, a deranged mid-carder will be no match for The One.

Cat: Hehe... very good. You must be at full strength before phase two can commence.

Storme: Phase two? I don’t know a damn thing about this plan.

Cat: Do as I command and we will both reap the benefits.

Storme: And if I refuse?

Cat: Then I will make life very difficult for you...

The colours of everything in sight begin trickling into each other. Storme watches in awe as reality bends before him. Even the cat is now distorted beyond recognition to a blur of white.

Suddenly they snap back into place and the cat is gone. Fade out.

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PostSubject: Re: 6.12.11. Reap From The Overcast.   Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:56 am

So sorry about the delay here folks. I was supposed to write it with Storme but I started summer school and then haven't seen Storme online since. I'll just write it myself soon I guess if I have the time, and it'll likely be the last 4DK show.

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PostSubject: Re: 6.12.11. Reap From The Overcast.   

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6.12.11. Reap From The Overcast.
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