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 6.5.11. Death To The Order.

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PostSubject: 6.5.11. Death To The Order.   Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:26 pm

Date: 6.5.11.
Death To The Order.
Main Attraction: Can Big D. Smooth continue to dominate? Plus a 6 Man Battle Royal!
Theme Song: HAH? - Scott Steiner
Featured: Scott Steiner, Steve Storme, Big D. Smooth, Horatio Gates, Jason Dave, & more!
Deadline: 8PM New York Time Sunday/1AM London Time Monday
Note: This show will be on Sunday instead of Saturday. Gives us all more time.

OG Grimace vs The Blue Meanie

Jason Dave/Psycho Dragon vs Randy Orton/Montel Porter

Steve Storme vs Dievari

Big D. Smooth vs Horatio Gates

Special Attraction Match
Scott Steiner vs Matt & Mike Morgan

Stamina Battle Royal
Like a regular battle royal only an elimination can only take place once per 5 minutes. For example, 10 minutes into the Battle Royal, only two guys can have been eliminated. This gurantees more actual wrestling in the Battle Royal and at the same time testing each wrestlers stamina.
Big D. Smooth vs Horatio Gates vs Jason Dave vs Psycho Dragon vs Randy Orton vs Montel Porter


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PostSubject: Re: 6.5.11. Death To The Order.   Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:15 pm

Damn, something came up this week, not going to have much time to write my shit but I should be able to get something down. Looks like a good card by the way, just making sure the deadline has moved up 1 day?

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PostSubject: Re: 6.5.11. Death To The Order.   Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:20 pm

Yes it has. I haven't talked to Storme in days and thats why I got a late start on getting the card up. Definitely understand things coming up. But considering your one of the four people that RP'd last week and still no sign of acknowledgement from Orton & Dragon, even were you to lose twice here you'd be fine over the next month (if we last that long).

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PostSubject: Re: 6.5.11. Death To The Order.   Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:31 am

Chatter between people, orders being called,
and coffee making, that’s
all you hear within a coffee shop. The door opens and the bell rings.
Jason walks through the door, and behind him is his new beautiful
friend, Jasmine Green. Everyone turns their heads to the door. Jason
waves as he is used to this type of attention, Jasmine simply smiles.
Everyone turns back around as Jason walks over to the counter. The
cashier looks up at Jason and Jasmine.

Cashier: Hello, how may I help you?

Jason: I’ll take a vanilla iced coffee, and Jasmine you
want a?

Jasmine: I’ll take a mocha frappuccino.

Cashier: Do you want whipped cream on either of

No thank you.

Cashier: That will be $7.50

Jason reaches into his pocket and ruffles around trying to
find some
money. Jason’s hand comes out of his pocket and he pulls out a $10. He
hands the cashier the money. He takes the money and puts it in the

Jason: Please, keep the change.

Cashier: Thanks! Your order will be out soon.

Jason smiles at the cashier as he turns around to start to
make the
coffee. Jason turns around to Jasmine and smiles.

Jason: Please sit down.

Jason moves over to an empty table and pulls out a chair for

Jasmine: Why thank you.

Jasmine happily sits down as Jason sits across from her. A
waiter comes
by and gives them their drinks. He smiles at both of them and walks
away to fill another order.

Jasmine: So, you seemed like you were in a bit of a
rush out of therapy.

Dave smiles at Jasmine.

Jason: Yeah, I was. I’m sorry I bumped into you and sent
you crashing
down onto the pavement.

Jasmine smiles and chuckles at Dave. She takes a sip of her

Jasmine: Don’t worry its fine.

She looks out the window and back at Jason.

Jasmine: So, Jason, what do you do for a job?

Dave takes a sip of his drink and looks out the window. He
looks back
at Jasmine

Jason: Well, I’m one of TWE’s top talents for their
roster. I am their
best high flyer, and I did a bit of commentating once. So, I work for
TWE as a wrestler.

Dave smiles at her. They both take a sip of their

Jasmine: That’s quite impressive.

Dave blushes as he takes a sip of his drink.

Dave: Why thank you! What do you do for a living?

Jasmine: I am a school teacher, who actually loves
wrestling. I have
this thing like after school, I get together with a bunch of friends
and we either watch wrestling if it’s on, or we simply talk about it. I
have always wanted to see the event live, but I have never had the
money to do it.

Dave looks at Jasmine. He must have been the luckiest son of
a b**c* to
meet a beautiful person like Jasmine, who happens to like

Dave: I see. Well, maybe I could help you with

Jasmine: Oh no, please. I couldn’t

Dave: No, no, no. How about this, next time you guys are
together, me
and my brother who is a retired wrestler will come by and you guys can
interview us and we will give you guys a little match. How does that

Dave finishes off his coffee and he looks at Jasmine. She
looks stunned.

Jasmine: That would be amazingly great!! Oh I owe you
so much now, I
mean coffee is one thing, but having you and your brother come to our
school, let us interview you, and give us a live match is another
thing. How much do I owe you?

Dave: Nothing at all. I’ll even bring TWE cameras we’ll
film the
interview, and I’ll try to get it to air on TWE. How does that

Jasmine: Are you an angel?!

They both burst out laughing.

Dave: I wish.

Jasmine finishes off her drink and pulls a piece of paper
out of her
purse. She hands it to Jason.

Jasmine: Call me sometime; I want to get to know you
more. You seem
like a really nice guy.

Dave: Thanks! I hope to get to know you more too!

They both smile at each other.

Dave: Can I take you home?

Jasmine: Oh no it’s fine. My car is over at the
therapy place, I can
walk there.

Dave: You sure?

Jasmine: Yeah, I’m fine. Bye now.

Dave: Bye.

They both smile at each other and Jasmine walks out the
door. Dave
stands there and softly mumbles.

Dave: I think she is the one for me.

Dave slowly heads out of the coffee shop as he remembers
that he has a match this week. Jasmine took his thoughts of his match
this week right out of his head. He takes one look at everyone around
him; he knows they will probably be watching. He looks out the door as
he sees Jasmine walking back to the therapy place. He heads out the
door and walks to his car. He opens the door and closes it, he turns on
the car and the radio comes blasting throughout the car. He mumbles to

Dave: I don't give a F***K on who the hell I am facing.
Orton, Montel, and all you other guys in the Battle Royal, you better
be ready, because the extreme is coming for you guys. You better enjoy
the state that your body is in now, because it`s your body, use
it...amuse it...`cos one day, you`re gonna lose it!

Dave slowly backs up the car into the road. He drives down
the road knowing he has a match this week. He is ready.

OOC: The: "It`s your body, use it...amuse it...`cos one day, you`re
gonna lose it!" part thats actually how everything was spelled in one
of his quotes. Plus im getting my RP in now cause I got soccer all weekend.

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PostSubject: Horatio Gates RP/Battle Royal RP   Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:50 am

We fade into a street. It's pitch black outside with the only thing providing minor light is the lamp posts illumination next to the back door of a white building. The building looks run down and chipped away - almost dilapidated. The tall lamp post begins to flicker offering small periods of complete darkness. Suddenly out of the shadows of the long street comes to bright lights at a fast speed toward the street curb. It later appears to be a large performance car that pulls up fast in-front of the lamp post.
Two people then get out, a short heavyset male dressed in a white hooded shirt and the large and dominant Big D. Smooth. They both slam their doors and walk up to the back door of the building, entering it eventually.

We come inside the halls of the building as Big D. Smooth and his associate walk down the long cold halls. The both walk heavily for some time until they stop and enter a room.
They both burst through the door and enter the room. The room appears to be some sort of dressing room that is quite well lit yet not very spacious. Already in the room are two people, one from Big D. Smooth's entourage and the other revealing to be Armando Cortez from the old CAW.
Big D. Smooth angrily bursts through and sits down, Armando eyes him off as the other member of the entourage stands next to him. Smooth barks an order at the associate that came in with him.

Big D. Smooth: Dawg, get Michael on the phone now. Tell him to get his shit down here; he was supposed to be waiting here for us.

Dawg:You got it D.

Big D. Smooth: So where are we? What's the deal here?

Armando Cortez: You told me to come meet you. I agreed. I'm the one that should be asking you that question, with all respect Mr. Smooth. I'm happy to be here, not so happy as how you went about it with the basic kidnapping.

Big D. Smooth: Yeah sorry about that. We heard you were employed by Scott Harris a few weeks before CAW died to be an interviewer and to host many segments.
The fact that you have had some experience with CAW and its competitors interests me. I could use someone like you in my camp to help me out with some of the scum here on 4DK.

Armando Cortez: You want me to join you over in 4DK? I must say my CAW knowledge is vast and great but I don't know if this is the way it should be used?

Big D. Smooth: Let's cut the crap, you were employed for 4 weeks and didn't get a chance to host one show or segment. You basically spent your time watching backstage with all the other losers.

Armando Cortez: If my knowledge and skills are so bad, then why do you wish me to join you?

Big D. Smooth: For that reason, you weren't that good so they stuck you backstage with all the others. You know what the others think and how they reacted back then, you have enough experience to be an effective advisor. So join me and as a team we will all dominate.

Armando Cortez: Well, as long as I'm appreciated and as long as you keep winning I see no reason to use you to get back in the industry after a few failed attempts, I'm sure you of all people are familiar with the ANA days.

Big D. Smooth: Don't remind me. Anyway... So it's a deal then?

Armando Cortez: Yes, it will be great to work with you for the time being.

Armando Cortez and Big D. Smooth reach over to each other and shake hands. Smooth, Cortez and the third associate sit down. Smooth grabs a bottle of Nuvo from the bench and starts pouring four glasses. Dawg comes back in the room, phone in hand.[./i]

Big D. Smooth: Dawg, where's Michael at? Is he close?

Dawg: Yeah... Uh... I couldn't get him on the phone for the whole time and finally when I did he said he isn't going to make it, something came up apparently.

Big D. Smooth: Damn, You serious?

[i]Dawg nods and sits down as Big D. Smooth looks down into the table through his dark shadowy sunglasses. Armando Cortez interrupts the silence.

Armando Cortez: Who is it you are looking to target first exactly, Smooth?

Big D. Smooth: Horatio Gates... He started the fire, now he is going to have to pay the consequences of getting burned. I'm not really worried about him but he has a big mouth and has been a pain in my side ever since I showed him up at Birth Of A Paradox.

Armando Cortez: I can honestly say he is nothing to worry about. Back on CAW his wrestling ability and taunts were dreadful at best. I mean, you saw the poor ability he showed last Saturday and how he went down twice in one night. Trust me he is nothing t o worry about.

Big D. Smooth: I beat Jason Dave up pretty good and Gates loses to him. Gates also loses to Montel in the same night but later on I beat Montel Porter with ease. I mean that has to be saying something, not only about my dominance but also his awful ability within the ring.

Armando Cortez nods in agreement and takes a drink of his Nuvo. Big D. Smooth sits up in his small wooden chair and downs the rest of his Nuvo. He turns around and grows more serious, he acts as if he is addressing the whole room and begins to go on a tirade.

Big D. Smooth: Horatio Gates. Seriously, I just beat two better contenders than him and now I'm versing basically the worst guy on the roster. I mean he couldn't buy a win and wrestles terribly. 0-2 at the very first event in 4DK history is saying something, Montel and Dave are some of the worst I've seen in my career and I proved that by destroying them with ease but at least they could even pull off one win for the night. Horatio Gates is just one messed up character that needs to go and get some serious medical attention. Either way he is going to have to get some sooner or later because he is going to end up in the hospital after our match one way or the other, so I'm basically doing him a favour. I see right through Horatio Gates, I see the whole bipolar disorder that he uses as a crutch. -Oh I can't wrestle with any depth or skill, must be my Bipolar.- -I lost two matches in one night even though Big D. Smooth softened one of the guys up for me, must be my Bipolar.- I'm not going to even trash talk him about his Bipolar disorder as it is a serious mental disease, but seriously the guy just cannot wrestle.
He can talk a big game but when the crutch actually comes he has the offensive ability of a slug.
It's like I am taking a step back by taking on Horatio Gates, he is the guy on the bottom of the food chain here on 4DK and I am one of its elites. But I did ask for the match and the only reason was to shut him up and teach him some respect.
How can the number one jobber attack me on twitter about being a fat waste of space and a loser when I won every match I have been in on 4DK and he has lost every one of his. Does he really think he can bounce back after such an embarrassing and disappointing performance and result? He should just sit there, be respectful of all those better than him and try to pull himself out of the ditch he has dug for himself and his career.

I see this not as a challenge but as a way to hone my skills for more serious matters that will arise here in 4DK. When Gates falls I will remember the day as he will care to forget the embarrassment he experiences at the hands of me. Prepare not only to be beaten within an inch of your life but also prepare for a life and career of defeat as it will be instilled in your inadequate mind as you come so close to facing the conclusion of your existence here in the Fourth Dimension.
To put a long story short, you’re just not good enough to defeat me or anyone else for that matter. The basis of any of Horatio Gates' response or anything he its back with is always wrapped up in foolish humour and barely literate opinions. Seriously, Horatio can’t taunt me or trash talk to me about my wrestling ability as I do to him because I am superior to him and he clearly notices it.
The biggest insult to me as a person and competitor he has come up with at the moment is calling me a fat ass. That's so original; I've already heard it from so many before. At least you’re not in hiding from me like Aaron Wolf is. At least you are going to take the beating you deserve. I don't resort to making fun of your appearance although it is ugly and barely stomach-able. I don't hit back at you with stupid little curses. I just take the evidence I am given such as your poor ability and bad start to wrestling in 4DK.

Enough of the trivial elements now. Enough of the taking shots of you because of your Bipolar and enough of taking shots at me because I'm fat. Let’s get serious now, let’s just get in the ring and speak through our wrestling ability. With my time of being here in 4DK I have been thinking hard. Thinking about many things. I have come to a conclusion that I am here for more than just one reason. I am here not only to win, to dominate, to defeat and to make a name for myself, but I am here to change people. Change their toxic personalities and foolish behaviour.
To change them for the better, I will accomplish this through physical pain and in ring action, defeating, destroying and humiliating who I feel need to be changed. You are one of those people that must change and I am offering you a way out.
After I destroy you on Saturday in the ring and beat you up within an inch of consciousness, you have the opportunity of recovering from your injuries and shaking my hand. The other alternative is to go back and tend to your wounds in defeat while the Fourth Dimension laughs at you. Just remember I gave you the opportunity, so it's up to you now.

You’re constantly miserable all the time and you’re going to need more than your misery and short bursts of mild aggressive behaviour to stop me. If you want to back down or quit I would understand, just remember the impossible challenge you have facing you.
It's rather amazing to think of all those great men and women in history who appear to have presented symptoms that allow us to describe them as bipolar. Whether it's Hemingway, Van Gogh, Virginia Woolf, and Sylvia Plath... some of them with quite grim ends.
Then there is the inspiration of our time, Horatio Gates, who even with his disorder is still an amazing competitor in the 4DK ring... No wait I got that wrong, he is not an inspiration at all, he can't buy a match against the easiest of opponents, why is he here? Why are you here? I admit you are not as pathetic as a person as Aaron Wolf or Jason Dave, but as a wrestler you couldn't shine their boots. I think it’s time to admit that Horatio Gates isn't all that he claims he is. Just remember my offer; just remember that offer after your defeat in the ring on Saturday.

First you want to be a tough guy then you want to be a wrestler, can't hide it forever. As a person, as a competitor, as a man and as a human being, you have failed. Give up or join a higher power. It's all over for you. Join us.

Big D. Smooth suddenly relaxes as if he had been taken over by something his whole tirade. Armando Cortez looks impressed as he still sips on his Nuvo. Big D. Smooth slouches in the struggling little wooden chair. He totally unwinds and pulls a large deep cigar out of his shirt pocket. Dawg leans over and lights it for him, the illumination of the flame, flickering within the room as Smooth stares directly into the flame as if he were focusing and predicting something. Smooth lets out the first huge puff of smoke from the burning cigar as the smoke billows and shadows around the room before slowing down in Armando Cortez's direction. Armando stares into nothing as the smoke passes through his figure and vision. He too looks like he is predicting something but lets out a slight grin. We back out of the room and fade out as the men continue to talk. Back out into the halls again...

-Remember My Offer-

Fade Out


Darkness takes the frame. The opening scene nothing can be seen and only mild inaudible sounds can be faintly heard. Within the pitch black darkness we hear the sound of dripping water cut into the scene. Although we cannot see anything, more sounds become evident. The sound of chains can be heard and at the same time the dominant sound of steel crashing together cuts in. The darkness still dominants the frame as we still can't see anything. After a while we hear the flicking of a lighter and after a moment passes we see the flashes of the sparks give us split seconds of illumination. We see a figure in the darkness. As the flashes continue the figure becomes highly dominant. The lighter finally gives in and lights a large flame, revealing a small dark shadowy background but more importantly a close shot of Big D. Smooth lighting a cigar. We can't see the background very well but the bright illuminate glowing of the lighter provides us the clear view of Big D. Smooth who then puffs the first puff of smoke from his cigar. The smoke billows in the air, heightening the tension.
Big D. Smooth: Uh... Death To Order. - I had to wake up this morning to find out I have a match not only with the fool Horatio Gates, but also with all of 4DK's talent in a stamina battle royal. What is a stamina battle royal exactly? Well... It's a great idea is what it is. It's not a quick battle royal that I am used to, it’s a long drawn out process in which I have more time to destroy the awful competitors in the ring.
Horatio Gates, Jason Dave, Montel Porter, Randy Orton and Psycho Dragon... They have no idea what they are in for. Not only do I get to eliminate and defeat every single one of them, but I also get the chance to beat and bloody them up for coming weeks. I expect Horatio Gates to be absent from the match as I will have put him in a hospital after our match while I'm knocking back a cold one.
The other competitors are really nothing to worry about though. With the elimination intervals I have the clear advantage. I get to beat up the others for five minutes and then eliminate one and repeat the cycle until the end of the night. Also in my advantage is the fact that I'm the biggest, heaviest most dominant man competing in the stamina battle royal. Try throwing this over the top rope. I've already defeated the two competitors of Jason Dave and Montel Jordan, I destroyed them. Gates will be destroyed before he even gets to get in the ring and Orton and Dragon were beat up last week by Storme and DJ Hipp. Gates, Dragon, Dave, Jordan and Orton spent their post mach celebrations last week getting their injuries checked out and resting in bed. I was the only guy who was in perfect health and able to really go out and celebrate. I'm surprised they are actually competing on Sunday night. Basically I have to compete with a bunch of injured failures which won't be too hard for someone like me to do. I'm a winner. I'm Big D. Smooth.

Big D. Smooth Backs off from the frame, revealing more of his figure. He then takes a few more puffs of his cigar, adjusts his sunglasses and leans back into conversation.
Big D. Smooth: Jason Dave - I destroyed you last week in 4DK's very first event and very first match. It was way too easy and I dominated as usual and as predicted. You couldn't even raise to the occasion and make it a good match in sense of competition. I basically steamrolled over you and got my arm raised at the end. I said you were nothing more than a 2nd rate Jeff Hardy look alike and you proved it. You proved every insult I gave out. But I have to hand it to you, you did defeat that other second rate loser, Horatio Gates. Not that he is any better than you. But that match was the most boring match I have ever seen. The two worst guys in the Fourth Dimension come together and put the house asleep.
I mean, you go on about non-stop nothing. Stuff about seeing your therapist and gay ass munching. Hell even the commentating team basically insulted you during the whole time you were out there.
Try focusing on your match next time and stop wasting precious time talking to your therapist talking about how you’re never going to get a girl and how you’re having weird thoughts.
Just answer me this one question. How did it feel when I destroyed you in the ring? Tell me how it felt when I beat you up and put you through pain and amazing anguish. Tell me how you felt taking all that defeat and the thoughts running through your head about how you just failed. Need to see your therapist again? You may be thinking... Is this your chance for redemption?
Well I'm here to tell you, no. It's not your chance at redemption. As far as I'm concerned you haven't won a match here in 4DK. Horatio Gates is such a pathetic individual and competitor that he does not count. You’re a glorified wannabe here in the fourth dimension.
Jason Dave, the man who lost the first 4DK match, the Jeff Hardy impersonator and the man who lost the first ever Stamina Battle Royal. Thats your future kid. After you face defeat and shame after Death To Order you should just think about another career option such as the impersonator think you got down so well. You will not win in this Battle Royal... I will.

The glow of the lighter begins to die. Smooth cuts off the flame leaving us in darkness. Suddenly he sparks it up again reilluminating the room once again granting us a glowed vision of Smooth. This time he dives into speech.
Big D. Smooth: Randy Orton - Seriously? Randy Orton... What happen, get released from WWE because of poor effort. Just like the poor effort you showed when you got ambushed by Storme and DJ Hipp last week. You couldn't defeat Psycho Dragon in ten seconds, so I believe you deserved that beat down. Just like the beat down your going to suffer at the hands of me in the Stamina Battle Royal.
You already proved you can't fight and you proved you have no stamina by getting beat down in a matter of seconds, so I think you will be the first guy I eliminate. I also know you and Psycho Dragon have a little score to settle so I will give you four minutes to settle that, then it’s over the top rope and to the floor with you. Your pathetic, you showed no ability just like Gates and Dave.
Competitors like you make me sick. You can't trash talk let alone compete so how do you expect to make it in the fourth dimension? This isn't WWE, this isn't play time. This is 4DK and you got a big problem on your hands. Me.
There isn't much to say about you except that you’re a joke I expected more out of you but your just as pathetic as Gates and Dave. I offer you the same advice. Try and think of a new career path after I destroy you and you walk back to the locker room in complete defeat and failure. I think appearing at kids parties for a few bucks would be good for you, your to pathetic and useless to do anything else. That includes wrestling. You don't stand a chance.

The glow of the fire spouting from the lighter continues to flicker offering a little less illumination. Smooth doesn't care and jumps back into another tirade.
Big D. Smooth: Montel Porter - Come on... Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton and Montel Porter. Who else from WWE got hired? Oh wait that's not Jeff Hardy that's just two bit look-a-like Jason Dave. But besides that, the fact that I have already beat, battered and brutalised Montel Porter should be known.
I beat him up the whole match and all he could muster up to make it look slightly interesting was a little elbow drop that I barely even felt. I almost felt like letting you win those matches, that's how sorry I felt for you. But it wasn't worth it so I had to dominate you for a few minutes. Your skills weren't that good; they were actually awful but still not as bad as Jason Dave or Horatio Gates.
I've got to hand it to you; you did have enough skill to beat Horatio Gates. A guy who wrestles almost as good as a 4-year old girl. As far as I'm concerned that's not a win. Horatio Gates does not count in the fourth dimension on account of being the worst natural wrestling in the world.
The question I have to ask is, how did it feel when I annihilated you in the ring filling your mind with defeat and failure? How long did you have to spend with the medics afterwards? Montel Porter, you’re just not wrestling material. Granted you have the heart but your skills in and outside the ring are far below average.
I don't expect you to be the first guy eliminated in the stamina royal but I do expect that I will destroy you and throw you out to the concrete. I might be a big guy but my stamina is unmatched, I can last in any situation solely on my sheer power and dominance. Montel Porter, you will not walk away victorious from the stamina battle royal. You will be wheeled away on a stretcher watching as I get my arm raised high.

Once again the flame from the lighter goes out, leaving us in darkness. Big D. Smooth quickly sparks it up again illuminating the room.
Big D. Smooth: Horatio Gates - I don't plan to have to deal with you in the Stamina Battle Royal, as I would have already destroyed you beyond comprehension earlier in the night in our match. All week you have talked a big game on 4DK.com and Twitter but we all know you can't back it up.
I defeated Jason Dave and then he defeated you. You also lost a match to Montel Porter, who I beat. The odds are exclusively not in your favour. However, as you’re not going to be competing in the battle royal main event due to extreme injuries and psychological pain from earlier in the night. I see this not as a challenge but as a way to hone my skills for more serious matters that will arise here in 4DK.
When you fail in our match I will remember the day as you will care to forget the embarrassment you experience at the hands of me.
Prepare not only to be beaten within an inch of your life but also prepare for a life and career of defeat as it will be instilled in your inadequate mind as you come so close to facing the conclusion of your existence here in the Fourth Dimension.
Horatio, you are 0-2 to two people I have already destroyed in the ring, making you the worst competitor here in the fourth dimension. You need stamina to compete in a match like this and you proved that you don't have any. You proved that you are a pathetic competitor and the worst wrestler alive. If you ever win a match in your career it will be a miracle.
But I'm not looking at the main event at Death To Order as a 6 Man Stamina Battle Royal, I'm looking at it as a 5 Man Stamina Battle Royal because the injuries you will sustain earlier in the night in our match will be incomprehensible. I won't be surprised if you will have to end your career that night due to your severe injuries you acquire at the hands of me.

Big D. Smooth moves around, darting the flame from the lighter - causing its glow to flicker in the atmosphere. He sighs and leans back into the frame.
Big D. Smooth: Psycho Dragon - The Storme trained Psycho Dragon... Who can't buy a match and gets beat down. That is your highest accomplishment here in the fourth dimension, getting your ass kicked 10 seconds into the match. I don't understand, Storme's request was a simple and fair one. He asked you to go and defeat some two bit loser within 10 seconds. What's so hard about that?
I would have done it in 8... I expected more from you out of everyone but it seems that you’re as bad as the rest of them. You have no backbone and no spine, try and assert yourself more instead of being treated like a little bitch all the time. You can't even talk a good game let alone wrestle a match, how do you plan to withstand anything I throw at you in the Stamina Battle Royal.
You proved along with Randy Orton that you have no Stamina at all, it took them 10 seconds to beat you down and send you unconscious and you couldn't even lay a glove on Orton in that time. Now that's saying something. Competitors like you who think your good make me sick because you get defeated so easily after trying to hype yourself up. I think I'm going to destroy you especially hard in the main event. I'm going to order up some death for you at Death To Order. Psy Drag... Say goodnight.

Suddenly a bright blue, fluorescent light comes on. It is cold and emotionless but illuminates the small space Smooth is in. He blows out the flame from his lighter with a forceful breath and turns his attention back to the frame.
Big D. Smooth: At Death To Order I am going to do the fourth dimension a huge favour. I am going to get rid of the awful scum that makes a joke out of real competitors. I am going to get rid of Montel Porter, Horatio Gates, Psycho Dragon, Jason Dave and Randy Orton. I will rid them from the fourth dimension and make sure I injure every single last one of them that I can.
I am Big D. Smooth, the most dominant force any of you will ever face in your foolish little careers. It's time I teach you all some respect and what a perfect opportunity I have with all of you in the ring at the same time.
Good luck trying to win an unwinnable war boys, best case scenario for you is not being sent to the hospital by me. But I have to tell you that is the best case, I'm still going to try annihilate you with everything I've got for the fourth dimension. If you don't understand yet I will make it clear. You are awful people and do not deserve to be here, so by the end of the night, I'm going to kill one of you if not more. You have no control over the situation; just give in to my dominance as I win and Order some Death.

Big D. Smooth backs away to the back of the room and puffs on his cigar as he adjusts his sunglasses. He then takes the cigar out of his mouth and whispers something quietly that cannot be head. The blue florescent light begins to flicker wildly and cuts out, leaving us in complete pitch black darkness once again. This time Big D. Smooth does not light up his lighter so we can see. Instead we are left within the darkness.
End RP

4DK W/L/D Record
W:: 5 L:: 0 D:: 0

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6.5.11. Death To The Order.
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