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 RP for 5/28/11 Match

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PostSubject: RP for 5/28/11 Match   Thu May 26, 2011 5:05 pm

TVs, chairs, magazines, and people
are all seen around the room. A person walks over to an empty chair and
sits down, it turns out to be Jason Dave. He sits there, he looks
worried and a little pale. He coughs and sooner or later begins to
cough outrageously. The entire room turns around and looks at Jason.
Slowly, Jason's coughing begins to stop, he feels his throat and looks
up and notices everyone is looking at him. He gives them all the "I'm
OK" sign. They all turn back around to their phones and ipods. Jason
sits there patiently with worry written all over his face. One by one
the entire room begins to deplete with people. Depressed people going
in, then happier people coming out through that same door they came
through. A nurse came out and finally called Jason in.

Nurse: Jason Dave.

Jason's face lit up as he heard his name called. He looks over to the
nurse, smiles then gets up and walks over to the nurse.

Nurse: Hi Jason how are you?

Jason: Uhhh is that something you should really ask your patients when
they are in a therapist's office? Of course I'm bad why the hell would I
be here if I was doing fine?

The nurse shrugs and brings Jason down to a separate room.

Nurse: Ok, the therapist will be with you shortly.

As the nurse walks out she mutters:

Nurse: Prick.

Jason didn't hear what she called him, but if he did, he probably would
have went on a massive ass rampage. He looks around the room, he
notices a long black chair that he could sit in. He walks over and sits
in the chair. As he slowly gets to be more comfortable he begins to lay
down and wait for the therapist to come in. Minutes go by, and the
therapist still hasn't came yet. He has been here for over an hour now
waiting for one person. Just as Jason begins to get up and heads for
the door, it bursts open.

Therapist: I am so sorry that I kept you waiting.

Jason looks up at the therapist, its a man about six feet tall, short
brown hair combed like the guy had at the end of the movie "Limitless."
He was a bit over dressed for a one on one conversation with a patient
but I guess that when your a therapist you got to dress nice.

Jason: Its fine, just hope that I don't have to pay for that hour that I
waited for you to get here.

They both start laughing. The therapist sticks his arm out as a

Therapist: My name is Dr.Johnson, and you are again? Sorry I have never
been good with names before, and I known that I have seen you before I
just can't quite remember your name.

Jason: My name is Jason Dave,

Jason takes the handshake greeting.

Dr.Johnson: Oh! Now it does!

Jason smiles at Dr.Johnson. They both sit down, well Jason actually
lays down on the long black chair he was laying in.

Dr.Johnson: So, Mr.Dave, or can I call you Jason?

Jason: Jason is fine.

Dr.Johnson: Tell me exactly why you are here and what you want to know.

Jason looks down at the ground and slowly looks back up at the doctor.
He has been having, memory problems.

Jason: Well, for about a month now I have been remembering S**t that
has happened to me a long time ago, it is usually when I needed help or
when I was feeling pain. Like last night.....

*Scene Change*

Jason's Voice: I remembered the last time I was here. I was talking to
you about my drug and drinking addictions.

Jason: I just don't know what is wrong. I've taken the pills that help
me stop drinking, but then I get addicted to those pills and take like
an entire container a day.

Jason's Voice: You sat there, listening, jotting down notes, and you
wouldn't even look up at me. The only thing is, that was about seven
years ago.

*Scene back to office*

Jason: So, Dr.Johnson what do you think is exactly wrong with me, or do
you think nothing is wrong with me?

Dr.Johnson looks up from his notes and looks at Jason. He notices the
amounts of worry in Jason. He puts down his pen and leans closer to

Dr.Johnson: Jason, there isn't a damn thing wrong with you. Its just a
repressed memory. You just ne-


Dr.Johnson looks at Jason for a moment. He notices tears were slowly
flowing down Jason's face.

Jason: There has to be a problem, there just has to be Doc. Stop taking
F***King notes and try helping! If I wanted a guy to listen to me about
my problems and only to tell me I need sleep or some time of S**t, I
would have called Dr.Oz or F***King Oprah!

Jason stands up and walks over to the door, but Dr.Johnson stands up.

Dr.Johnson: Jason, you get you ass over here and sit your ass down on
that piece of S**t chair or I will force you to pay double what this
session costs if you walk out that door right now. Its your choice.

Jason stood there for a moment, replaying what happened just a minute
or two ago. He turns away from the door and proceeds over to the chair
and lays down.

Dr.Johnson: Looks like you gained a temper since the last time I saw

Dr.Johnson gave a little smirk over to Jason before he continues.

Dr.Johnson: So, go on what do you think is wrong with you right now.

Dr.Johnson sits back down and instead of grabbing his notepad he leans
in closer to Jason so he can hear better.

Jason:Well, right now I feel like S**t because I keep remembering the
bad memories or the times I needed help a S**t ton, and yes like you
said I have gained a temper since last time I saw you. Doc I really
don't know what could be wrong with me.

Dr.Johnson looks at Jason, and he remembers Jason never mentioned one
thing important.

Dr.Johnson: Jason, when was the last time you had a girlfriend?

Jason turns to Dr.Johnson. Jason thinks for a minute then opens his

Jason: It was about two or three years ago, why do you ask?

Dr.Johnson: Go out and get yourself a girl. Maybe you not finding love
is the problem to your repressed memories and your new temper. After
dating for about a year, I would like you to please come back to my
office and tell me if you feel any better. Is that fine?

Jason looks at Dr.Johnson for a moment, Jason's expression looked a bit
confused but Jason understood.

Jason: Ok, thats fine, I will go find someone, thanks for your help

Dr.Johnson: Oh please, this might be a little late but please call me

Jason stands up and smiles at Kevin. He thrusts out his arm for a hand
shake. Kevin stands up shakes Jason's hand and walks him out the door
and down the hall back down to the waiting room. As Jason walks out
into the parking lot, he turns around to the office, gives it a long
good look then turns back around. As Jason turned he accidentally
someone to the ground.

Jason: Oh S**t I am so sorry are you ok?

???: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jason extends a hand down to the fallen person. The person looks up at
Jason and notices the hand. Jason was stunned by who it was. He had no
clue who the hell this person was, but it was a beautiful woman.

???: Thanks, I am so sorry though I should have watched where I was

Jason: No, no it was my fault, I turned around and started walking to
fast. I am so sorry can I do anything to repay you back? I could buy
you coffee or something.

She looks at Jason and gives Jason a little smile.

???: Haha, you knock me over by accident and you want to buy me coffee?

She looks at Jason and bites her lip and thinks a bit.

???: Sure why not! My name is Jasmine Green.

Jason: My name is Jason Dave, its a pleasure to meet you Jasmine.

They both turn around and proceed to walk to Jason's car. They jump in
the car, turn it on and pull out and proceed to drive over to the
coffee shop.

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RP for 5/28/11 Match
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