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 Profile: Aaron Wolf

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Amateur Wrestler

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PostSubject: Profile: Aaron Wolf   Tue May 24, 2011 4:00 pm



xXx - Name - xXx
Aaron Taylor Wolf

xXx - Age - xXx

xXx - Birthday - xXx
2nd July 1986

xXx - Place of Birth - xXx
London, Ontario, Canada

xXx - Hometown - xXx
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

xXx - Height - xXx
6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)

xXx - Weight - xXx
220 lb (100 kg)

xXx - Son Of - xXx
Father: Ethan James Wolf (Age 53, History Teacher)
Mother: Emily Ava Clark (Age 47, Nurse)

xXx - Sibling(s) - xXx
Brother(s): Brandon Evan Wolf (Age 29, Executive Assistant)
Sister(s): Lily Jade Wolf (Age 1)

xXx - Former Job(s) - xXx

xXx - Interests - xXx
Football/Soccer (Supports Sunderland AFC, just to annoy Will)
Movies (Horror mainly)

xXx - Dislikes - xXx
Most Love Drama movies
Miyu's little brother
Miyu's ex-boyfriend
Will's little sister (Who has a crush on him)

xXx - In Music - xXx
Favorite Genre: Metal
Least Favorite Genre: Hip-Hop
Favorite Bands Include: Avenged Sevenfold, The Human Abstract, Chiodos, Protest The Hero
Least Favorite Bands Include: The Prodigy, Queen, Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa
Favorite Song(s): "So Far Away" (Avenged Sevenfold), "Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together" (Chiodos), "Sex Tapes" (Protest The Hero), "The Last Lost Continent" (La Dispute)
Favorite Singer(s): M Shadows and Rody Walker
Favorite Drummer(s): Matt Greiner
Favorite Guitarist(s): Synyster Gates and A.J. Minette

xXx - Other Curiosities - xXx
Can't consume drugs and certain pills due to a condition (Diagnosed when he was a kid)
Been dating his girlfriend Miyu for 6 years (Marrying somewhere in July 2011)
Suffers from arachnophobia and claustrophobia
Knows how to play the guitar
Wants to learn how to play the piano
Loves lasagna


xXx - William Harrison Smith (Will) - Best Friend - xXx

Age 24
Born in Newcastle (England)
Has 1 younger sister (Naomi, Age 16)
Parents are divorced
Father lives in Victoria (Canada); Mother lives in Newcastle (England)
His mother hates him
Aaron's father hates him
Ran from home
Is unemployed (Former Pizza Delivery Boy)

xXx - Miyu Kimura - Girlfriend - xXx

Age 22
Born in London (Canada)
Japanese descent
Has 1 younger brother (Ken, Age 13)
Is currently studying in Toronto
Doesn't like wrestling (Supports Aaron a whole lot though)
Sings very well
Knows how to play the piano
Once modelled for a Fall/Winter clothes catalog
Is vegetarian


xXx - Gimmick - xXx
Mocks people and claims greatness

xXx - Theme Song - xXx
"Violent Kiss" by Eyes Set To Kill
"Blindfolds Aside" by Protest The Hero
"Goddess Bound" by Protest The Hero(current)

xXx - Alignment - xXx
Heel (may be seen as Face against well-estabilished Heels)

xXx - Finisher - xXx
1. (Ground): Beauty Through Broken Glass (Burning Hammer)
2. (High Flying): Disneyland Acid Trip (450 Splash)
3. (Submission): Sharpshooter

xXx - Move Set - xXx
Shining Wizard
Delayed Vertical Suplex
Pumphandle Reverse Piledriver
Springboard Leg Drop
Argentine Backbreaker
Body Clutch Backbreaker
Back Flip Kick

xXx - Former Promotions - xXx

xXx - Allies - xXx

xXx - Enemies - xXx

xXx - Admires - xXx
Steve Storme
Kyle Evers
Cameron Hayden
Kyle Deathlocke
Ryan Black

xXx - Dislikes - xXx
Jakob Azazel
Seth Omega

xXx - New Record (W/L/D) - xXx

xXx - Career Achievements - xXx
Faced Kyle Evers in the first ever CGS Pure Championship match (Courage Cup Finals)
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Profile: Aaron Wolf
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