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 Profile: DJ Hipp

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PostSubject: Profile: DJ Hipp   Tue May 24, 2011 3:14 pm


DJ Hipp


Anime Type Shit
[Current] Life Form
Some kind of celestial being. Male in gender.
The Hood Immortal, The Hierarchial Sinner, The Dictator, The Smoke-G, Invader WCL
Best place to find him?
Check the airports. He's constantly taking flight.
Main Goals
Universe Domination, starting with the obliteration of Prussia.
Items Carried
The Hippnode, Flashlight, Smoke Grenades
Who would he bang in Wrestling?
Ayanna Kakatas. She can cocktaste me all she wants.
Queen Z. DAT ASS!

The Hippnode
The Hippnode is DJ Hipp's magic staff, a long brown stick with a skull head on the tip of it. In the possession of its handler, DJ, The Hippnode has many superpowers [that almost always fail to take effect]. These include...

!Hippnosis - The victim falls under the effects of Hypnosis.
!Hippertension - The victim's blood pressure rises to that of someone with Hypertension.
!Hippoxia - The victim suffers the effects of Hypoxia, a pathological condition in which the body is "deprived from adequate oxygen supply."
!Hippothesis - Hipp's ideas and predictions become revealed for all to see. An obvious flaw.


Wrestling Type Shit
Co-Owner of 4DK
Finishing Blow
Terror Vortex
Carari Grey (GREY FOX), Doctor Cube
AveRage, Queen Z, Ko-Ko, Steve Storme, Scott Steiner
Randy Orton (DXX)
Nabeel Nawaz
AoD, Crisis, Carari Grey, Doctor Cube, Randy Orton (DXX), Steve Storme
Current Fed
4th Dimension Kombat
Home Fed
D-Generation XX
"The Un-Civil Rights Movement"
Greatest Achievement
2 Time Champion Of The UNIVERSE.
Co-Owner of 4DK
Killing DXX
Killing WCL (w/The Legion)
DXX Hall of Fame 2008
DXX Superstar of the Year 2008
DXX Mayhem Superstar of the Year 2008
DXX Stable of The Year 2008 (Immortal Sinners)
DXX Undisputed Universe Champion (x2)
DXX World Heavyweight Champion
DXX Universe Tag Team Champion (x3)
DXX Hardcore Champion
DXX Trans-Continental Champion
DXX United States Champion
DXX Television Champion
AoA World Heavyweight Champion
Forces of Evil Alligned With
The Immortal Sinners
The Hierarchy of Evil
The Legion
The Un-Civil Rights Movement
Army of Cube
The Hood Generals
The Hood Tribe
Mecca NWA
The Better World Order
The Fight Club


Historical Type Shit
Devious Blueprints
Hipp was once the face of DXX. Beloved by all, he made his way to lead his class of the DXX Hall of Fame, winning Superstar of the Year in the same month. However upon realization that he had faltered from his original path, changed who he was to please the crowd and management, he turned on the crowd. DJ began wearing a mask to cover his shame. Now that he has opened his own fed, Hipp outlined the step-by-step completion of his master plan leading up to 4DK. He takes credit for the demise of DXX, and ultimately, the death of its predecessor, WCL.

Smoke Grenades and Black-Outs
In order to escape vicarious situations, The Smoke-G mastered the art of the Smoke Grenade. He now carries around smoke grenades with him everywhere he goes, and has used it various times in WCL. Hipp also has the tendency to turn off the lights, especially when making surprise appearances. For example, when announcing his alliance with former enemy Steve Storme in The Legion, Hipp turned off the lights in order to attack former friend Shad Moss.

Satanist and Hate Monger from the streets of Chicago. Due to his pure hatred for what he has become, DJ now wears a mask. Originally The "Anti-Hardcore Superstar" he had to give that title up and embrace Hardcore to eventually become the longest reigning and final Hardcore Champion for DXX, the company he claims destroyed his "Internal Integrity," for which he vows absolute revenge on anyone that was ever part of the company, even his enemy turned tag partner turned mortal enemy, Doctor Cube, is not safe around this man. Also is looking to hunt down anyone who praises hardcore wrestling/violence in the squared circle.

Misc. Goals

Depsite having a kid by his ex-wife, who turned out to be Shad Moss's sister, Hipp doesn't feel like anyone would care to much if he died. All DJ really wants is to be loved for who he really is. His love interest Queen Z shot him down previously and what that has done is made him even more determined to make her "his woman." He'll never tell her this, but if she would just be with Hipp which it seems like she'd like to do, DJ probably would be quick to halt his evil ways. But until then, the world will pay for its imperfections.

While the internet and most fans love everything DJ Hipp does, his career has not come without controversy. A lot of promoters, whether either envious or truly dis-liking of Hipp, used him to put their stars over. Many loyal Hippocrytes feel that DJ was not a Mega Star for as long as he should be, and that backstage politics had everything to do with it. This is especially thought of matches such as The Heirarchy of Evil vs Steve Storme & Kyle Deathlocke, DJ Hipp vs Nabeel Nawaz (Final Destination '07), & DJ Hipp vs Doctor Cube (Eye For An Eye '08). But why he thinks his run as the man was cut short Hipp simply said "I did everything in one year. It's not fun to be the tip of the penis when you've already used all your best tricks."

Feud With Cube (DXX)
Probably the most WTF of all Hipp's fueds was between Hipp (with Carari Grey) and Doctor Cube. Hipp was the face of DXX and Cube hadn't done anything yet. Cube was only given a title shot by Carari so that DJ would win easily, but in a shocking turn of events, the Master of Malpractice (Cube) de-throwned the champion (Hipp). This would lead to the epic Pit of Death match invention by Carari Grey, pitting Randy Orton, DJ Hipp, Slain and Doctor Cube inside a revolving ring with a pit on the outside. To win you must put someone in the pit. The winner becomes champion, and the loser leaves DXX. Hipp was able to Yakuza Kick Cube into the pit, creating an internet meme, winning back the Undisputed Universe Title and retiring Doctor Cube, but only for a short while.

Team With Cube
After placing in third for DXX feud of the year 2008 (DJ Hipp vs Doctor Cube), the duo seemed to still have a bit of heat between them. Infact, Hipp even declined joining a team of legends, "Team Mayhem", telling his good friend Crisis it wasn't a viable option, seemingly because Doctor Cube was on it. But that wasn't the reason at all. DJ Hipp had formed Hood Tribe and they would begin a brief fued with the members of Team Mayhem, DJ even defeating Crisis twice. Then in the final blow to "Team Mayhem," Doctor Cube would turn on them, and join the Hood Tribe.

After the downfall of The Hood Tribe, Hipp & Cube literally created Mecca NWA, a robot tag team. Mecca NWA dominated for awhile and then kinda vanished as DXX died and there was really nowhere for them to go. Hipp & Cube, along with Carari Grey, formed The Hierarchy of Evil, but that would only be short-lived. Despite scheming together, creating robots together and essentially going to war together, HOE would disband when a promotion called WCL popped up. WCL was GM'd by Carari Grey and Doctor Cube was one of the stars. But Hipp was never invited. This, and GREY FOX and Cube turning face, infuriated Hipp who decided to invade WCL if they wouldn't give him a contract.

Feud with Carari & Cube (WCL)

Hipp, along with Queen Z and the rest of The Legion invaded WCL. Z and a Carari Grey's cat formed an announce team and announced random matches, usually one per show. Hipp turned the lights off whenever he wanted and as a group, The Legion caused chaos. Then, when Hipp & the queen were added to a match featuring Carari & Cube, as well as Stephanie McMahon & Hulk Hogan, Legion won, much to the dismay of Grey. GREY FOX would then flee WCL once Steve Storme was signed to Legion, realizing there was no escaping Hipp's fury, other than simply apologizing. Grey never did and WCL died at The Legion's hands.

Fourth Dimension Kombat
4DK was originally meant to be a competing company with WCL, but WCL no longer exists and so Hipp and Storme re-thunk their original plan and decided to bring 4DK to life anyway, creating a different kind of wrestling league. One more relaxed and laced with weed where titles are certificates and potatoes, and matches have more potential to get out of hand. Where the wrestling is so out there, its in another dimension!

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Profile: DJ Hipp
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