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 4DK.com Interview with DJ Hipp!

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PostSubject: 4DK.com Interview with DJ Hipp!   Fri May 20, 2011 5:13 pm

We here at 4DK.com (working url), recently spoke to 4DK Co-Owner DJ Hipp and asked him about the commentary team of the Queen (Z) and Ellie, a plushie that Z uses as a puppet. Hipp has this to say:

Quote :
"Puppet? What are you talking about? I would know if I hired a puppet to do commentary! God damn media!"

When asked why they went with a certificate instead of a title, Hipp said:

Quote :
"It was cost effective. In using a certificate instead of a championship, not only can every champion keep their certificate, but we can use the money we saved to hire people like RODNEY MACK!"

The rules of the Baked Potato Championship really peaked our interested, so we wondered aloud about it. Hipp responded:

Quote :
"We'll have a match, and instead of the winner being champion, whomever loses is champion. You don't want to be Baked Potato Champion. I have to give credit for this idea to a local Chicago indy from the late 90's called LWF, where CM Punk got his start."

He then went out on his own and spoke about the rules to win the Certificate of Winrawr:

Quote :
"The Certificate Of Winrawr isn't defended in any particular match, rather it is defended once per month, as whomever had the best month based on record, difficulty of opponent, and the opinion of myself and Storm[e], will be rewarded with the belt. That way we'll have one champion per month, and for every time you win it you will become a two or three or four time champion, so you don't have to lose to be a multi-time champion, in a good way."

We also gathered that the very first 4DK Event scheduled for May 28th is being advertised as "The Birth Of A Paradox." Unless circumstances change, a Round Robin tournament is scheduled to take place between Montel Porter, Psycho Dragon & Jason Dave.

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4DK.com Interview with DJ Hipp!
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