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 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.

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PostSubject: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   Fri May 20, 2011 3:12 pm

Date: 5.28.2011.
The Birth Of A Paradox
Main Attraction: See what 4DK is all about.
Theme Song: Bring Me Down - Saigon
Featured: DJ Hipp, Steve Storme, Psycho Dragon, Montel Porter, Jason Dave, & More...
Deadline: 8PM New York Time Saturday/1AM London Time Sunday
Note: Check back often cause this thread will change as I get more information for you guys.

Big D. Smooth vs Jason Dave
Psycho Dragon vs Randy Orton
Horatio Gates vs Montel Porter
The Un-Civil Rights Movement (Steve Storme & DJ Hipp) vs Jobbers
Losers Of Matches 1, 2 & 3 face off.
Winners Of Matches 1, 2 & 3 face off.


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PostSubject: Re: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   Mon May 23, 2011 4:35 pm

Match card up.
Deadlines will be up soon, but as a general note, it'll be sometime Saturday.

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PostSubject: Re: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   Thu May 26, 2011 10:07 pm

Do we post the RP's in this thread or the general RP thread. Also is it 1 RP only?

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PostSubject: Re: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   Thu May 26, 2011 10:30 pm

This thread, and for now since I didn't specify I see no reason to make it 1 RP only. Do as many as you'd like.

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PostSubject: Big D Smooth RP - Birth Of A Paradox   Sat May 28, 2011 7:05 am

The Feed Starts Backstage. As we go through the halls of backstage, we hear loud chanting and yelling. The further we go through the grey coloured walls and dark floor of the area the louder the inappropriate yelling becomes. We stop, first person at a bright red wooden door that stands out from the rest of the monotone building. We enter and see Big D. Smooth sitting in a dark leather chair in a well lit medium size room with dark red carpeting. Big D's entourage is in the room with him and they are causing a commotion, jumping around, smoking, drinking and yelling. Suddenly Big D. Smooth dominantly cuts in the action and ushers his entourage to leave. He grabs on of his members by the arm and signals for him to stay. The rest vacate the room and close the door. The other member sits down at the small dark brown wooden table with Big D. Smooth.

Big D. Smooth: Aight, Michael, my first match is coming up soon so we got to focus on making it a good one, understand.

Michael Rissi: Yeah you got it D. We got your back and plus it's only a match against Jason Dave. Should be easier then taking on one of those jobbers here.

Big D. Smooth: Yeah, no doubt I'm going to dominate this conformist. I just like to always be ready for the unknown, and I love to have the crowd on my side so you and the guys better get advertising The Smooth.

Michael Rissi: There isn't anything unknown. Granted this place is a little messed up but it's only Jason Dave... The guy isn't all there in my opinion. It's like he is living a fantasy.

Big D. Smooth: Yeah true that, true that. What Jason Dave doesn't understand is that pretend heart and determination only gets you so far.
He just doesn't seem that good, I mean in terms of in ring and outside performance. I don't want to much to do with this guy he makes me nervous. He tries too much to act like others and isn't an individual at all. That plus he is weird as hell.

Michael Rissi: Stop thinking about it. He is 215lbs and a Jeff Hardy Mimic. There I said it! Your 340lbs + and tower in the sky.
You are the most dominate force here on 4DK. Jason Dave is just practice, he's nothing in comparison and he should be the least of your worries on 4DK.

Big D. Smooth: Your right, and he is messed up. I'm actually thinking signing to this place was a bad Idea. It's too weird here. Psycho messed up stuff you know?

Michael Rissi: Forget about Dave... Just beat the hell out of him, destroy him and maybe you will knock some sense in that messed up head of his. He is not a big deal trust me.

Big D. Smooth: It's not just Jason Dave. Look at the team and even that weirdo Aaron Wolf. I don't want no one on my dick unless it's a babe. What am I supposed to do when Wolf comes to 4DK? Huh? Protect my dick all the time.
In the ring, outside the ring just feeling self conscious.
Wolf and Dave are both messed up and who knows what else is going to happen in this place. Wolf may just be a big talker to Storme and it's clear that he is afraid of him, but when you are in a business with guys like Wolf and Dave it's hard to even take yourself seriously.

Michael Rissi: Man that little Asian slit he got with him is the perfect whore for the crew. She looks like a clueless little slut. My guess is that Aaron Wolf got her through some mail order deal or something and he programs her because she probably grew up in oppressive China or Korea or some shit. So I suggest we pick her up from Wolf, give her to the crew and tell her to fuck off. After all it's clear to me tha...

Big D. Smooth: I got bigger fish to fry then Aaron Wolf's mail order whore from Laos or where ever the fuck. I have to beat up a Jeff Hardy impersonator, take out Wolf eventually if he keeps being a shit talking loser and watch my back for any other weirdos coming in and out of 4DK.
When I get past all that, maybe, just maybe you can worry about Aaron Wolf's Asian whores. But until then you focus on taking 4DK for ourselves and destroying this Jason Dave's career.

Michael looks down into the carpet, thinking as Big D. Smooth grabs the large bottle of Nuvo and pours Michael and himself a generous amount. Michael looks up again to the freshly poured glass of sparkling Vodka.

Michael Rissi: Maybe there is a compromise here. If you could cut a promo to hype up the match and get the crowd going for you. We won't have a care in world with this whole Jason Dave loser match.

Suddenly, Big D. Smooth and Michael Rissi look up toward the frame of the camera very slowly , in sync with each other. Big D. Smooth adjusts his sunglasses and focuses his direct attention on the camera as we zoom in on Smooth.

Big D. Smooth: The Birth Of A Paradox. - Big D. Smooth verses Jason Dave. Jason Dave the odds are stacked against you. I am an unstoppable force of destruction. My skill, my size, my dominance and my ability are much greater than yours.
In the ring, I will destroy you with every ounce of power and strength I have, and let me tell you I have a lot of power and strength to rasher out on you. -This foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial.- You will have never experienced a match in your whole foolish career then the match you will experience with me.
Just be glad that I'm not going to completely annihilate you.
I'm still going to let you compete here, you will just be in the most amazing and excruciating pain of your miserable life. After a few minutes your going to be in a paradox of your own. The dilemma of choosing, whether to forfeit, tap out or to just lie down and take a 3 count so you can get out of the ring with me. Either way you should prepare for a brutalising. After all I am Big D. Smooth, the biggest and most dominant unstoppable force to be signed to 4DK.- Do not let slip your hype emotions of the night, one false move could be your maker.
I will be your maker. On the night of Birth Of A Paradox everything will be fully interactive. This won't be 4DK.com or the fan forum or Twitter. This will be real life, in the ring, you facing me.

It is going to be a scary time for you and I have to commend you on going forward with the match. A small, scrawny two bit Jeff Hardy mimic coming up against a premier dominant competitor such as me. You are out of luck. It would be a different story with a better and more experienced story, not that much different but still a little better in your case.
People like you think society is against them and you let your emotions gain you attention but in reality your just a depressing, selfish and self absorbed individual... Well not individual, I mean you basically base your whole personality on another wrestler, on another foolish and pathetic individual. Would it kill you to be yourself and stop being a little fanboy for once? Pure gold titles are where dreams come from, fuck up my dreams, and somebody’s going to die on Saturday.
My desire to take you down is in my blood. I feel it running through every vein, so it’s time to revolutionize. It's people like you that make this business look like a joke. You conform to all standards and your personality isn't your own. You as a competitor are stale and that is just another advantage for me.

I don't need any more advantages in our encounter then you have already given me. I will dominate like always and you have no chance at all of winning. I understand that it wasn't your choice to book yourself in a match against me but you are still going to pay for managements decision and still pay for who you are. I will admit that you are not the worst person out there but you are one that still deserves a beating or two. You will get pretty brutalised in the ring with me but all you have to do is slow down, don't pull an Aaron Wolf and jump on my dick and simply curl up in a ball and get pulverised. Other then that you should do fine.
But take the loss on Paradox as a learning lesson, learn that I am the force here on 4DK, learn to respect me and learn to change up who you are. I love pain and I love inflicting pain on worthless pieces of trash like you. You are missing from this scene of the lost and broken and I will banish you and your foolish emotions to your own psychological realm of failure after our match is won in my favour. Maybe after you change you can drop me a line and I will help you to become a better person and a better wrestler like Me.

Jason Dave, I have personally never seen you fight but I will watch your matches and I have seen a lot of Jeff Hardy's matches so I have your moves and style down. Over the next few hours I will be studying all of the matches I can find of you and any other information that I believe is relevant just to boost my chances of winning even more. So it's unfortunate that you will not win your first match on 4DK but that's ok, it doesn't matter that much you can bounce back from that it is not the end of the world. You won't be able to bounce back quickly because of the agony and injuries you will sustain but you will be able to take on some jobbers eventually.
Don't pull an Aaron Wolf afterwards though and take on someone like Storme or Hipp after a loss. You can't jump in the ring with Ali because you think you can box. Just like Storme is owning Wolf I am owning you and I can see and the public can see that it doesn't look good for you Jason Dave. Bottom line is prepare for defeat because at The Birth Of A Paradox I will destroy you in the ring and I will cost you your first defeat in your first match here at 4DK

Jason Dave. Not individually exclusive, not his own person and above all else a diminished soul among men. Real men. Big talker? Possibly, just like Aaron Wolf is a big talker to Storme. Big D. Smooth is Dave's Storme to his Aaron Wolf in reality. Saying Jason Dave could beat Big D. Smooth is like saying Aaron Wolf could beat Steve Storme. - If Dave can beat Smooth, Wolf can beat Storme. This is wrong and does not add up making it impossible. Jason Dave, a glorified Mimic and basic virtual, standard Fanboy. This is what the art of combat and wrestling has come to?
Such a victory should not be so easy but at The Birth Of A Paradox a win for Big D. Smooth is enviable. You can't do anything to change your past and Jason Dave cannot do anything to change his future. He must accept failure. His near future with in-ring action in regards to me has been chosen and mapped out. Jason Dave has been defeated by Big D. Smooth at Birth Of A Paradox.

Big D. Smooth: So Jason Dave, come Saturday night you will feel complete embarrassment and failure in your loss to me. Get over your little emotions and feelings and act like a real man. Get past your problems that you think are so important, we all have problems.
Only big problem for you to worry about is your defeat from me and whether you can walk out or not on your own two legs. It's over Jason, your finished in our match and it hasn't even started. You will not Bring Me Down and you will not defeat me.

... Oh yeah, by the way Jason Dave, it is Ma Boy Michael Rissi's little Nephews birthday next week. He is turning 10. Do you think you can swing by and do a Jeff Hardy impression for them? It would be really great as you got it down already. It pays of course, let me know.

Big D. Smooth turns away from the camera as we zoom out. Michael Rissi laughs and downs the glass of Nuvo. Big D. Smooth and Rissi bump knuckles then Smooth sips patiently at the glass of Nuvo while staring into the abyss through his dark and shadowy sunglasses. Big D. Loses all attention of the camera being there. Michael stares directly into the lens as Big D. Smooth lights up a cigar. The puffing shadowy smoke reflecting and waving on the well lit globes around the room. We zoom right out of the scene as we fade to black.

Fade Out

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PostSubject: Re: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   Sat May 28, 2011 3:43 pm

Horatio Gates walks into his locker room...

Horatio Gates

Fuck, I forgot to get my damn Orange Juice...

Horatio Gates now quickly runs to the nearest vending machine and purchases an Oasis bottled drink and a Dairy Snickers (or Marathon whatever they are called in your fucking country)... Horatio gives the vending machine a kick for extra measures and the items drop down into the slot... Horatio picks up his chocolate and juice and makes his way back to the locker room when he is stopped by the local interviewer...


Horatio Gates, please may the fans have a few words about your upcoming match tonight?

Horatio Gates


Horatio makes his way back into his locker room and slams the door, leaving the interviewer puzzled...


Ignorant little cunt.
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PostSubject: Re: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   Sat May 28, 2011 4:12 pm

Montel Porter hasn't been heard of or seen since he defected to CGS. After embarrassing lose after another he decided to take a break from Pro Wrestling as a whole. But, recently he decided to come back to wrestling by singing with 4th Dimension Kombat. Many are wondering his reasons for singing with a small and not known place. To break his silence, Porter decided to address everyone with a video blog on his website that hasn't been updated in years. The video begins with Porter sitting on a couch. He has very much let him self go. Sorta like an African American Chris Harris but he still has the cocky smile that has made him famous for years. He begins to speak with great enthusiasm.

Montel Porter: Well, my fans it seems like I am back and back for good. Everyone must have been worried about my welfare and what not. To update everyone on everything in life. I am okay. I decided to come back for many reasons and anyone wondering about these reasons, keep watching. I was watching matches from DXX and I thought to myself, It's about time I came back and made impact like I did two years ago. Anyone who dares doubt this...go ahead and watch the show. I am booked against some kid named Haratio Gates.

Don't know much about him, and don't need to know anything about him. I've wrestled some of the greatest wrestlers of all time and you think for a second that Horatio Gates has an astronomical chance at even coming close to beating me? No. There is just no way in hell that is going to happen.

Porter adjusts his position on the couch and puts more of a serious face on. This time he looks to be more serious in what he is going to say to the viewers watching this video. He looks down at the ground as if he is trying to think of what he is going to say next. Porter lifts his head up and then takes a deep breath and slowly begins to speak once more into the webcam.

Montel Porter: I am basically a hall of famer for fucks sake. I am the greatest Rated Champion to ever exist. You honestly think people like Brett Deathlocke or Kyle Evers could have been the Champion I was? No chance...no chance in hell that would have happened. I am a legend. And a legend deserves the respect of everyone of you people. I'm sure I already have it for my contributions to every company I've been in.

Porter gets up and adjusts the webcam so it'd see his face when he got up from the couch. He puts up his trademark cocky smile up and makes his hand sign that he puts up quite often and no one ever seems to understand. He then opens his mouth one more time to say his final thoughts on his match up.

Montel Porter: Many wrestlers these days guarantee that they will win. But only one person can guarantee a win and actually win. I'm that person. I guarantee all of you watching this video that I will win my match against Gates. I mean its not even a question of who is better. It's so obvious that it actually makes me giggle a little. Any of you who think for a second Gates has the talent to beat me...you disgust me.

I'm back baby and there is no way anyone can stop me...not this time. I am physically better then I've ever been...and emotionally ready as I'll ever be. This is going to be my moment and it won't be crushed by you Gates. Not now and not ever. Peace out.

The camera slowly turns off and many await the return for Montel Porter.


Hey you washed up piece of shit why are you wastin' yerrr time!!!! You cant do shit!

He actually thinks he has a chance...he is nothing like he was two years ago!!!!!

I've taken more shits better then you Porter!!! You suck!!!!!!

Who gives a fuck about this guy anyway? Hes fatter then my mom!!!
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PostSubject: Re: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   Sat May 28, 2011 5:01 pm

Steve Storme is casually walking through the backstage corridors of the 4th Dimension Kombat arena. He suddenly stops, his path blocked by this...

Storme ...

The cat continues looking up Storme with eerie glowing eyes.

Cat: Meow.

Storme Awww. Hey demon kitty.

Steve crouches down to stroke the cat, trying to examine its eyes at the same time.

???: Hey Steve.

Dumbstruck, Storme stares at the feline in disbelief for a few seconds. He then shakes his head a little, chuckles to himself and looks over each shoulder.

Storme Yeah? Who said that?

???: I did.

Storme slowly turns back to the cat with narrowed eyes.

Storme This can’t be happening...

Cat: Oh it’s happening.

Storme But you’re a cat!

Cat: Kinda.

Storme It’s finally happened. I’ve lost my mind.

Cat: No, allow me to explain... but not here.

Storme What’s wrong with here?

Cat: You’ll understand better with visual aid.

Storme And what if I refuse?

Cat: That’s not an option.

Steve can’t help but laugh.

Storme Look, you can’t tell me what to do – you don’t even have opposable thumbs!

Cat: I don’t need them to do this.

The colours of everything in sight begin trickling into each other. Storme watches helplessly as reality bends before him. Even the cat is now distorted beyond recognition to a blur of white. Refusing to believe this is real, Steve rubs his eyes furiously.

He tentatively stops in the hope this is all a dream. Instead, he finds himself in a void of total darkness. He looks round for something, anything.

Storme What the hell is this?!

The cat appears out of the darkness, its eyes fixed on Storme.

Cat: Welcome to the real 4th Dimension.

Storme But there’s nothing here.

To Steve’s horror, towering flames suddenly surround them. But then disappear leaving only smoke.

Storme Wow. Wh... what are you?

Cat: I am a divine being, an immortal deity.

Storme You’re... god?

Cat: Not a god that humans worship.

Storme I don’t get it, you look like a cat.

Cat: I have simply taken the form of something you know that would not attract unwanted attention.

Storme Does that mean you can change into a dog?

Cat: If I wanted to.

Storme So let me get this straight...

Cat: You have wasted enough time.

Storme No, you’re giving me some answers!

Cat: Silence!

The words echo throughout the void, deep and ominous. Steve feels a shiver down his spine.

You’re not a normal human being, Steve.

Have you ever wondered why you can endure so much pain? Or why your body heals wounds and injuries so quickly? How about the way you unhinge others psychologically?

The power you have is super-human... but you don’t know how to harness it properly.

Storme I’m just a wrestler!

Cat: You are The One.

Storme No, I think you’ve got the wrong guy...

Cat: Do not question my knowledge!

Storme Okay okay! I’m The One!

Cat: Good. We cannot exploit your true potential if you deny its existence.

Storme What do you mean “we”?

Cat: You could be unbeatable.

Storme I am unbeatable.

Cat: Your win/loss record is impressive but I mean truly unbeatable. If you made full use of your power, the likes of Aesha and Kyle Evers would be destroyed with ease. You could become the greatest wrestler of all-time.

Steve stays quiet for several seconds, reflecting on the cat’s words.

Storme There’s so many questions I need to ask you.

Cat: For now you must focus on the task at hand.

Storme And that is?

Cat: It will take time to hone your abilities. Use matches in 4DK for this purpose.

Storme One thing, how do I know this is for real?

As Steve finishes his sentence, the backstage corridor setting starts to fade in from the darkness. He looks around for the cat but it is nowhere to be seen. He is alone with his troubled thoughts.

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PostSubject: Re: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   Sun May 29, 2011 12:59 am

The scene opens up into an office. TVs, chairs, magazines, and people
are all seen around the room. A person walks over to an empty chair and
sits down, it turns out to be Jason Dave. He sits there, he looks
worried and a little pale. He coughs and sooner or later begins to
cough outrageously. The entire room turns around and looks at Jason.
Slowly, Jason's coughing begins to stop, he feels his throat and looks
up and notices everyone is looking at him. He gives them all the "I'm
OK" sign. They all turn back around to their phones and ipods. Jason
sits there patiently with worry written all over his face. One by one
the entire room begins to deplete with people. Depressed people going
in, then happier people coming out through that same door they came
through. A nurse came out and finally called Jason in.

Nurse: Jason Dave.

Jason's face lit up as he heard his name called. He looks over to the
nurse, smiles then gets up and walks over to the nurse.

Nurse: Hi Jason how are you?

Jason: Uhhh is that something you should really ask your patients when
they are in a therapist's office? Of course I'm bad why the hell would I
be here if I was doing fine?

The nurse shrugs and brings Jason down to a separate room.

Nurse: Ok, the therapist will be with you shortly.

As the nurse walks out she mutters:

Nurse: Prick.

Jason didn't hear what she called him, but if he did, he probably would
have went on a massive ass rampage. He looks around the room, he
notices a long black chair that he could sit in. He walks over and sits
in the chair. As he slowly gets to be more comfortable he begins to lay
down and wait for the therapist to come in. Minutes go by, and the
therapist still hasn't came yet. He has been here for over an hour now
waiting for one person. Just as Jason begins to get up and heads for
the door, it bursts open.

Therapist: I am so sorry that I kept you waiting.

Jason looks up at the therapist, its a man about six feet tall, short
brown hair combed like the guy had at the end of the movie "Limitless."
He was a bit over dressed for a one on one conversation with a patient
but I guess that when your a therapist you got to dress nice.

Jason: Its fine, just hope that I don't have to pay for that hour that I
waited for you to get here.

They both start laughing. The therapist sticks his arm out as a

Therapist: My name is Dr.Johnson, and you are again? Sorry I have never
been good with names before, and I known that I have seen you before I
just can't quite remember your name.

Was was he? Who the F***K was Jason Dave? That is all Jason could think
in his head right now. Jason probably took it the wrong way considering
that Jason was a number one contender to the TWE title, and is main
eventing SlamMania three. I mean really how much bigger could TWE get?

Jason: My name is Jason Dave, a superstar of the TWE roster. I am main
eventing SlamMania three against Bryan Valentine and Jayden Ryder for the
TWE Championship in a triple threat extreme rules match, does that ring
a bell?

Jason takes the handshake greeting.

Dr.Johnson: Oh! Now it does, I am so damn sorry that I couldn't
remember the name of a main eventer of SlamMania. I love TWE and the
roster and everything. I would love to just sit at ringside for one of
the nights.

Jason smiles at Dr.Johnson. They both sit down, well Jason actually
lays down on the long black chair he was laying in.

Dr.Johnson: So, Mr.Dave, or can I call you Jason?

Jason: Jason is fine.

Dr.Johnson: Tell me exactly why you are here and what you want to know.

Jason looks down at the ground and slowly looks back up at the doctor.
He has been having, memory problems.

Jason: Well, for about a month now I have been remembering S**t that
has happened to me a long time ago, it is usually when I needed help or
when I was feeling pain. Like last night.....

*Scene Change*

Jason's Voice: I remembered the last time I was here. I was talking to
you about my drug and drinking addictions.

Jason: I just don't know what is wrong. I've taken the pills that help
me stop drinking, but then I get addicted to those pills and take like
an entire container a day.

Jason's Voice: You sat there, listening, jotting down notes, and you
wouldn't even look up at me. The only thing is, that was about seven
years ago.

*Scene back to office*

Jason: So, Dr.Johnson what do you think is exactly wrong with me, or do
you think nothing is wrong with me?

Dr.Johnson looks up from his notes and looks at Jason. He notices the
amounts of worry in Jason. He puts down his pen and leans closer to

Dr.Johnson: Jason, there isn't a damn thing wrong with you. Its just a
repressed memory. You just ne-


Dr.Johnson looks at Jason for a moment. He notices tears were slowly
flowing down Jason's face.

Jason: There has to be a problem, there just has to be Doc. Stop taking
F***King notes and try helping! If I wanted a guy to listen to me about
my problems and only to tell me I need sleep or some time of S**t, I
would have called Dr.Oz or F***King Oprah!

Jason stands up and walks over to the door, but Dr.Johnson stands up.

Dr.Johnson: Jason, you get you ass over here and sit your ass down on
that piece of S**t chair or I will force you to pay double what this
session costs if you walk out that door right now. Its your choice.

Jason stood there for a moment, replaying what happened just a minute
or two ago. He turns away from the door and proceeds over to the chair
and lays down.

Dr.Johnson: Looks like you gained a temper since the last time I saw

Dr.Johnson gave a little smirk over to Jason before he continues.

Dr.Johnson: So, go on what do you think is wrong with you right now.

Dr.Johnson sits back down and instead of grabbing his notepad he leans
in closer to Jason so he can hear better.

Jason:Well, right now I feel like S**t because I keep remembering the
bad memories or the times I needed help a S**t ton, and yes like you
said I have gained a temper since last time I saw you. Doc I really
don't know what could be wrong with me.

Dr.Johnson looks at Jason, and he remembers Jason never mentioned one
thing important.

Dr.Johnson: Jason, when was the last time you had a girlfriend?

Jason turns to Dr.Johnson. Jason thinks for a minute then opens his

Jason: It was about two or three years ago, why do you ask?

Dr.Johnson: Go out and get yourself a girl. Maybe you not finding love
is the problem to your repressed memories and your new temper. After
dating for about a year, I would like you to please come back to my
office and tell me if you feel any better. Is that fine?

Jason looks at Dr.Johnson for a moment, Jason's expression looked a bit
confused but Jason understood.

Jason: Ok, thats fine, I will go find someone, thanks for your help

Dr.Johnson: Oh please, this might be a little late but please call me

Jason stands up and smiles at Kevin. He thrusts out his arm for a hand
shake. Kevin stands up shakes Jason's hand and walks him out the door
and down the hall back down to the waiting room. As Jason walks out
into the parking lot, he turns around to the office, gives it a long
good look then turns back around. As Jason turned he accidentally knocked
someone to the ground.

Jason: Oh S**t I am so sorry are you ok?

???: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jason extends a hand down to the fallen person. The person looks up at
Jason and notices the hand. Jason was stunned by who it was. He had no
clue who the hell this person was, but it was a beautiful woman.

???: Thanks, I am so sorry though I should have watched where I was

Jason: No, no it was my fault, I turned around and started walking to
fast. I am so sorry can I do anything to repay you back? I could buy
you coffee or something.

She looks at Jason and gives Jason a little smile.

???: Haha, you knock me over by accident and you want to buy me coffee?

She looks at Jason and bites her lip and thinks a bit.

???: Sure why not! My name is Jasmine Green.

Jason: My name is Jason Dave, its a pleasure to meet you Jasmine.

They both turn around and proceed to walk to Jason's car. They jump in
the car, turn it on and pull out and proceed to drive over to the
coffee shop.

*End RP*
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PostSubject: Re: 5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.   

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5. 28. 2011. The Birth Of A Paradox.
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