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 First news about mysterious 4DK revealed.

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PostSubject: First news about mysterious 4DK revealed.   Thu May 12, 2011 3:32 pm

A buzz has been going around the wrestling community lately about a mysterious, rumored new promotion called 4DK. Until this date, we have learned nothing about 4DK other than that their website leads to the wrong site and that the letters stand for 4th Dimension Kombat. But today on Twitter, the founder of such world renowned stables as the Immortal Sinners, Heirarchy of Evil and The Legion, 4 time World Heavyweight Champion, and retired indy star DJ Hipp wrote this:

Hipp wrote:
It's official, me and storm[e] are signed to 4DK! But shhhhh! It's a secret!

Anyone who has followed Hipp's recent years knows who Hipp means when he says storm[e], and that would be a 12 time World Heavyweight Champion, someone else very familiar with stables and another indy star who is most known for frequently changing his skin color, that being Steve Storme.

So what we know is that former enemies turned Legion comrades have signed with 4th Dimension Kombat. But what does the Legion, a group so evil it single-handedly destoyed its last fed, want with 4DK contracts, when they simply invaded previous feds?

With two stars many would call legends already under contract, who else will sign with 4DK in the weeks to come?

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First news about mysterious 4DK revealed.
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