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 4DK.com Trolling Continues.

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PostSubject: 4DK.com Trolling Continues.   Mon May 09, 2011 4:43 pm

For weeks now, an anonymous poster known only as "vaginafist" has been spamming wrestling message forums with simply the url "http://4DK.com." The main page of this site was purely a white screen with black text reading "Prepare to be sucked into a vortex of absolute wrestling despair darkness!" with "Cumming Soon! 05.09.011" at the bottom in all caps. For weeks many thought of "vagfist" as many had affectionately begun calling him or her, as a troll. Today is the day 4DK.com was supposed to be here from what we had understood, and well, the site is different than before. Instead of the white screen and black text, now 4DK.com has become a website for something called 4DK Technologies, and appears to have nothing to do with wrestling, let alone darkness. When contacted via PM, all "vagfist" would say was "That's some deep shit."

No. it. isn't.

Or atleast, it isn't yet!

More on this story as we learn it.

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4DK.com Trolling Continues.
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